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Will WWE Finally Make A Decision On Sasha Banks?

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And once again, Sasha Banks falls deeper into WWE’s abyss.

I’m not sure what was worse about watch the Fatal Four Way match to determine the number one contender for Bayley’s Raw Women’s Title – the lack of crowd support at Ohio State, or the fact Sasha Banks continues to be a bit player.

How WWE has booked the three-time women’s champion is a crime that should receive a maximum sentence. Banks is the second-best performer on WWE’s women’s roster (to Charlotte) but hasn’t gotten the support or booking she richly deserves. The same thing could be said about Bayley, but for now, she is the champion of an evolving division. With Charlotte taking her swagger to Tuesday nights, the red team’s shtick now will run through Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Nia Jax and then “The Bos” in an attempt to unseat Bayley.

The move to have Bliss go over on Monday further hammers a nail in a legit coffin.

When WWE set out to redefine the women’s division in this new “revolution” it did not have the vision of a year or two down the road. Booking has become an issue. Fan support – after the Hell in a Cell match between Charlotte and Banks – has waned. The idea of putting the strap on Bayley has been a little less than exciting.

In other words, there is work to do.

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The addition of Bliss and James to the red team and the departure of Charlotte does move the needle decidedly toward Monday night. But how Bliss and James are booked – with the potential of a Banks heel turn and a Jax babyface run – will determine if WWE got it right this time around.

During last year’s pitch and catch with the Raw Women’s Belt, Sasha was white hot. The potential of a new Trish Stratus with the style of Lita. Now, she is more Molly Holly than anything else. A heel turn and feud with her BFF solves all of this hassle and puts a feud that ruled NXT back on the front burner.

I have thought for some time that WWE made a mistake in breaking up the women on the roster and splitting them between brands. There wasn’t enough depth and both Jax and Bayley are raw in the ring. Fans reaction to the change in rosters hasn’t been as well received as I thought and I am sure the creative teams for both brands have been scolded by the McMahon’s on more than one occasion. Hell in a Cell should have been the spring board of better booking. In retrospect, it was the funeral of a good idea submerged in black tar.

When it was announced there would be a “Superstar Shakeup” many of us thought it would be one of the annual spring cleaning ideas where cosmetic surgery was need to touch up a blemish or two. Now it’s a true makeover with mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. And while I am banging out this blog, Alicia Fox, Emma and Dana Brooke are involved in some meaningless promo.

There would be enough depth for both brands if there was a possibility to inter-band competition. Charlotte has a chance to stir the pot a bit with Naomi and Becky Lynch awaiting her arrival. Change usually does a wrestling promotion good. Capitalizing on change will help define these women.

I suspect the Banks heel turn will happen sooner rather than later. Jax becoming a fan favorite only helps her and makes us all wish Kharma was still an active wrestler. There is nowhere for Banks to go. Her feet are in cement. A feud with James may help her get over again as a contender. The fans will support her no matter which side she stands.

But until WWE makes a decision what the promotion will do with Banks, the women’s division cannot move forward.

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