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Will the WWE Authority Replace Seth Rollins?

While attempting to execute a powerbomb on Kane, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins suffered a severe injury while participating in a WWE international tour.

Seth Rollin’s knee gave out from under him, and he tore his MCL, ACL and medial meniscus. Rollins will miss the next 6 to 9 months of action, which means Rollins will miss out on events such as Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and the upcoming Survivor Series pay per view where he was set to defend against Reigns.

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Rollins Injury Hurts the Authority as well as the Entire WWE

Rollins and his WWE Championship reign highlighted the pinnacle of his involvement with the Authority. While Seth generally heeded the Authority’s directions, you could tell that the constructive criticism provided by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon rubbed Rollins the wrong way.

Rollins is a thoroughbred both inside the ring and out of the ring. Rollins’ genius on the microphone makes him both loved and hated by the WWE Universe.

Rollins had already achieved fame by being the first WWE NXT Champion ever, not to mention, he went on to win WWE Tag Gold with Roman Reigns. Rollins further cemented himself as a legend when he made history at Wrestlemania 31 by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to turn the main event of Wrestlemania into a triple threat match.

By pinning Reigns, Rollins went on to win the belt by scoring simultaneous victories over Reigns and Brock Lesnar to become the first NXT Champion that eventually went on to win the WWE World Heavyweight title.

Who Becomes The New Centerpiece Of The Authority And Top Heel Of WWE?

“Anything can happen in the WWE” is an expression we’ve all heard time and time again. In less than a week, Survivor Series will crown a new WWE champion using the tournament format due to Seth Rollins absence.

Survivor Series has a tradition of people “Selling out to the man.” Remember back in 1998 when The Rock won his first World title in Saint Louis, MO?

This isn’t the Corporation; This is the Authority and they seem to have a different style of doing business. The Authority will likely undertake actions that will crown a champion that will be loyal to HHH and Stephanie McMahon. With Roman Reigns vowing to never align with the authority, could the Authority automatically try to align with the person Reigns may face at Survivor Series?

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Sheamus is the only logical choice, given the fact that he could win the tournament. If Sheamus wins the tournament and loses his title down the road, he gets a rematch clause without having to ever sacrifice his surprise Money in the Bank cash-in.

Sheamus and the Authority?

The Authority is played off as a cerebral stable. What is more cerebral than having a plan A, B and C against a single competitor? Also, Sheamus and Triple H have been enjoyed a close friendship in the past. The smart money for Authority’s new figurehead could very well be the Celtic Warrior.

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