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Will Smith Resigns from the Oscars: What Does It Mean?

What does resigning from the Academy mean for his career?

After slapping Chris Rock at the stage of the Academy Awards last weekend, Will Smith has been under constant controversy while some defend his act of violence and some are purely against it and demand strict actions from the academy.

Amidst this, Smith took to himself to atone for his mistake and announced that he will be resigning from the Academy effective immediately. Although the Academy also announced earlier that they have “initiated disciplinary proceedings” against him but such a thing is yet to be seen.

So what exactly does resigning from the academy means? Does Smith have to give his Oscar back? And what does this mean for his career? Today we discuss all these questions:

What Does Resigning from the Academy Mean?

Well, for one thing, resigning doesn’t mean you have to give back the Oscar you were awarded. As for what it means to resign from the Academy, well, it means that Will Smith will not be a voting member of the academy.

If you didn’t know, the Academy has over 10, 000 members around the world who are the voting members that vote for the Oscars and the nominations. This group of people is currently divided into 17 branches according to their specialty like Acting, Directing, Writing, etc.

This group was initially made up of all White men until 2016 when Will himself and his wife Jada protested and made the Academy include more women and people of color. This is the group that Will has resigned from however, Jada will still remain a member of the voting community.

But it is to be noted that the members of the voting community are only limited to people who work in the production of motion pictures all over the world. As for the nominations, the nominee does not necessarily have to be a member of the voting community. Smith can still be nominated for the Oscars and still be invited to attend the show.

What Happens to Will’s Career Now?

Well, nothing really happens. Will Smith is the first person in history to voluntarily resign from the academy. As for his Oscar, some claim that it might be revoked but there have been more people in the past involved in similar cases but they got to keep their awards.

The Academy on the other hand immediately accepted Will’s resignation however it also announced that the disciplinary proceedings against him will still continue. These proceedings could possibly be some temporary sanctions he could face during his activities in parts of the industry that are controlled by the Academy.

As for Chris Rock, it was reported that he declined to file a police report when he was approached by some LAPD officers. A source also claimed that it was Chris himself who made the call to let Smith stay in the award ceremony after the slap however, this fact has also been refuted by many.



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