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A Wild Night For Chris Jericho & Hurricane Helms

Chris Jericho & Shane Helms mugshot - TMZ.comWhat is it like to live the whirlwind life of a world-famous WWE superstar? For Chris Jericho and Hurricane Helms, that would include getting arrested for stumbling around a gas station, intoxicated at 4 AM in Crescent Springs, KY. Oh those crazy rasslers! Quite a far cry from the jet flying, limousine riding, kiss stealing life that Ric Flair used to brag about in the 1980s.

TMZ.com was kind enough to send out a mass email this morning informing us pro wrestling bloggers about the arrest last of Chris Jericho and Shane Gregory “Hurricane” Helms. According to their reports, Jericho and Helms were arrested and released on a whopping $120. Heck, that’s less than the cost of one of their wrestling boots. Unfortunately the situation may go from fun to troublesome for one of these two wrestling madmen.

TMZ.com sent out a second email which reports that prior to the arrest that Hurricane Helms hit Jericho, a woman, and a man. According to their report Helms struck Gary Kelly and Ashley Storer. I did a search on google of Ashley Storer and found this very hot model out of Asheville, SC. Now I can’t confirm that this is the woman, but she is from the same area that Helms, the Hardy brothers, and a lot of those guys in that group of friends are from. Ashley lists herself at 5’2 and 113 pounds, so the normally smaller Shane Helms would have had a bit of a size advantage in this battle of fists.

As of this writing, neither Kelly or Storer have filed police reports. However, Kelly told TMZ.com he is still considering doing so. This all of the sudden goes from two guys having a good time to a serious issue if the WWE has one of their wrestlers accused of not only being publicly intoxicated, but hitting a woman (5’2 keep in mind) on top of that. Storer claims she is not interested in filing charges, but if a trial or something like that came out of this, she would be forced to tell her story under oath or even in a police report.

I don’t think Chris Jericho is in any kind of trouble here, other than possibly a fine. From the report, Jericho wasn’t driving and was smart enough to take a cab. I don’t ever recall hearing about anything like this or any troubles in the past concerning Jericho so I am presuming this is a first strike for Y2J. However, it is a little disappointing that a veteran and 39-year old man is caught drunk in public at 4AM in Crescent Springs, KY. Rock and roll man!

This is the kind of stuff that could and likely would cost Helms his jobs. This isn’t Helms first outside of the ring trouble that he has had since joining the WWE in 2001. In 2007 Helms was named in a Sports Illustrated article as having obtained HGH through an online pharmacy. The WWE defended him by saying he obtained those drugs before their Wellness Policy was instituted, however Sports Illustrated disputed this and claimed he made transactions between November 2003 and November 2007.

Shane Helms was assaulted in a club in North Carolina by an acquaintance. Helms was hit in the face by Dustin Narron, who was charged with assault and battery. While Helms wasn’t charged with anything, it is another case of a WWE superstar who put themselves in a bad situation.

Top this off with the fact that Helms has been a minor player for the last few years. As a matter of a fact, Helms ability to last almost ten years in the WWE is quite an accomplishment. Fearing negative publicity in the upcoming trial of Jeff Hardy, it would not surprise me to see the WWE act on this once it is thoroughly investigated. The public intoxication alone could be enough to put a bit player like Helm’s job in jeopardy. Assaulting a woman is a whole other ball game.

To be fair, these are all just allegations. Helms was not arrested for the assault, nor has he been charged with anything of the sort. As hot as the water he is in right now, I do think it would be unfair for the WWE to punish him for the assault simply on a TMZ.com report.

Don’t worry Hurricane. I have a feeling that TNA Wrestling will be kind enough to look past this and welcome you in with open arms…any maybe even a title!

Update: TMZ.com sent out yet another press release with more news on the incident. TMZ.com reports that Matt Hardy was with Jericho and Helms last night. Reportedly, Hardy fled on foot when the cab driver pulled off at the gas station to call 911. Police have no plans to file any charges against Matt.

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