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Why The WWE Replaced Kevin Nash With Triple H Vs. CM Punk

Kevin Nash RAWWhile WWE booking is generally a mystery, the debacle on RAW between Kevin Nash, CM Punk, and Triple H may be the biggest in awhile. How could the WWE go from Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk to Triple H vs. CM Punk in a matter of one hour?

Monday’s WWE RAW had some strange moments, but none stranger than the moment between CM Punk and Triple H during the final minutes of the show. In a segment from the locker room, Triple H told Punk that the Board of Directors had nixed his match with Kevin Nash and now it would be Triple H vs. CM Punk at Night of Champions. The odd moment has had WWE sleuths working around the clock to get to the bottom of what exactly happened to Kevin Nash and it looks like we have a consensus answer.

[adinserter block=”2″]Dave Meltzer speculated on his podcast that he believed something happened when Kevin Nash went to get medical clearance that prompted the match change. confirmed the news today. It would appear that something came up during Nash’s medicals that will keep Nash out of the ring at least for the time being.

Meltzer expanded on it today in an update and said that, “in another era Nash would have worked the match.” He didn’t have confirmation on exactly what the medical issue was, but did indicate that Nash is expected to wrestle this fall. Meltzer also speculates that the match could change to a Triple Threat Match, but it is more likely that Nash is sidelined for a couple of months.

Unfortunately this news does not completely shut the door on Kevin Nash wrestling in a WWE ring. Both reports speculate that Nash could wrestle at some point. However, fans will be spared a match featuring Big Sexy at Night of Champions 2011 and get a pretty darned good replacement if you ask me.

Stuff like this happens all of the time but the confirmation only raises more questions when it comes to the judgment of the WWE creative team, knowing there would be no match. Why did they have Nash come out to his old music on RAW? Why did they even go through the debacle of the first fifteen minutes announcing the match? Why in the world did Nash attack Punk later in the show and lay him out? Maybe most ridiculous of all, why would you not have Nash clear his medicals before you begin an angle with him in the first place?

I am all in favor of a Punk vs. Triple H match, but it completely throws off the build to Survivor Series, where they were originally supposed to wrestle. A match now is rushed, no question about it. It would also either expedite Hunter’s heel turn or blow what could be a big money match in favor of rushing it onto a “B” show. The lack of crisis management here in Titan Towers is just mind boggling if you ask me.

The irony here is that they announced the Punk vs. Nash match last night before replacing it. They never had to announce the match, thus never had to worry about delivering a high level replacement. They could have just as easily had Punk do something else on the show. Why they boxed themselves into this corner is beyond me.

[adinserter block=”1″]I know I may get some heat for this but the booking of CM Punk following SummerSlam 2011 has been questionable at best. Since losing the title to Alberto Del Rio, Punk hasn’t even won a match on RAW by pinfall or submission. Now you have him getting laid out by a guy that he won’t even wrestle? I don’t know, but it would appear that they could have done a lot better of a job with their new commitment to Punk than the direction they have taken him over the last couple of weeks.

As for Kevin Nash, well I don’t know what you do with him at this point. He has been a bright spot on the shows although I have no interest in seeing him wrestle. He could fall into a bodyguard role for the person who sent the text, but that would likely require him wrestling at some point.

Oh, and CM Punk fans will be happy to know that he was originally booked to go over. CM Punk fans won’t be happy to know that now that the information is out, that probably means he is going under at Night of Champions 2011.

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  1. The Triple H VS C.M Punk match would be a great time for the return of the Undertaker.
    It would make sense from a Wrestelmania angle. You never know?
    I hope so since I am attending the Night of Champions. Let's go Bills.

  2. I thought this twist ending was great. The internet was abuzz about this impending Nash-Punk match, and then, BOOM, all of a sudden H is back in the ring to be "that guy" that might sell you on NOC being worth buying.

  3. They should do a triple threat at night of champions Cena, Del Rio, & Punk. Have Triple H and Nash screw both cena and punk that would have still had built to survivor series. They fucked up after the segment when they announced the match between Nash & Punk. Have Nash be shown laid out in back with a brick next to him or something.

  4. This isn't the first time that Nash has had to back out of a match with an injury, real or otherwise. He did the same thing to the Giant in WCW and Chris Sabin in TNA. This time, I would guess it was legitimate. Not sure if anyone noticed last night, but Kevin Nash was very obviously limping when he originally came out to confront Triple H and CM Punk, and continued to limp when he came out the second time. While faking a limp is easy, this didn't look fake to me. In fact, it looked to me as if Nash was trying to hide it, but was having a hard time doing so (at least, from what I saw; I noticed the limp immediately).


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