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Why ‘The Split’ Season 4 Was Never Going to Happen

All good series must come to an end.

Fans could not have been happier when the third season of the Split dropped on 4 April at BBC iPlayer all at once on the same day. Although on BBC One, new episodes are set to drop each week at the same time.

Season 3 has been winning hearts and fans couldn’t get enough of it. The third season is being proclaimed as the best season of the highly popular series. But now that it has aired, we start to wonder what happens next? Will the story continue in another season? Are they making another season?

Here is everything we know so far:

What is ‘The Split’ About?

The Split features the daily life of the Dafoes whose all members work in divorce law for the family firm except Hannah, the eldest sister, and the youngest daughter. Hannah actually works for a rival firm Noble & Hale whereas the youngest daughter is a childminder.

The family faces the return of their estranged father and the story features how they deal with the situation. The second season of The Split ended with Nathan and Hannah’s marriage in jeopardy and the decision of Nina to keep the baby after she accidentally got pregnant.

Why Won’t There Be a Season 4?

As much as we want a good series to continue forever, we all know deep inside that all great series must reach an end. The creator of the show Aby Morgan has similar thoughts too as she originally planned the series to be a three arc story which she finished in three seasons.

Morgan explained her plans for The Split in a BBC Press Release and her decision to end the series with season 3. She said: “It was always the plan and in fact, I don’t think I’m saying anything out of turn here, the BBC would have loved us to have gone on really. But I always conceived it as three.”

She also added: “The Split was meant to be about the legacy of the split, and season 1 is really Hannah reflecting on her childhood and the legacy of her parent’s divorce, and then 2 was about the affair. And then 3 is really about Hannah facing her own divorce. So I’d always considered it as three.”

What’s Ahead?

Although the series will come to an end with season 3, the creator had more plans in her mind. When asked about what can we expect ahead of time, she said: “And I love writing for those characters and I’m sure I will kick myself again and again. But I also feel like, how many times can you bring people back together and split them up and bring them back together? It would become a different show.”

What are your thoughts about The Split? Let us know in the comments.



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