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Why The Outrage Over Brodus Clay?

brodus clayThe WWE return of Brodus Clay will have to wait another week. Brodus was left off of this past Monday’s RAW after a week of advertising. A growing segment of fans have voiced their outrage on the Internet and I just can’t help but wonder why.

Look this isn’t a bash Brodus Clay blog. Quite frankly I think the guy has good potential. As a fan that grew up watching pro wrestling in the 1980s, I love a great character. Clay is the closest thing in the WWE to an old throwback heel monster. At the same time, I just can’t comprehend the sudden demand for the WWE superstar.

Where is this outrage coming from? I jumped on Twitter after the RAW show Monday and the fans were nuts about the lack of Brodus Clay. One tweet after another was a fan complaining over the non-appearance from big Brodus. As I read and read I couldn’t help but wonder why everyone was so upset about this.

[ad 6]I believe there are many faults in the WWE and I certainly have no qualms with anyone who wants to point them out. Illogical booking, continuing to squash the future stars of the company, Michael Cole’s commentary, the Kane-John Cena feud are all enough to drive any fan of the product wild. But putting your outrage behind a lack of Brodus Clay is just something I can’t figure out.

I am not even sure why you would want to see big Brodus in the WWE right now. The consistency of the WWE Creative Team to take any new or developing talent with potential and mismanage their push is something you can count on weekly these days in Titan Land. In other words, you are angry over not seeing a guy squashed that the WWE has promised to mismanage for the last few weeks. Honestly, what else do you think is going to happen?

Ironically it looks like Clay not appearing as advertised on Monday may turn out to be a good thing. Whether it is due to fan pressure, a change in plans, or the plan all along, it appears that Clay will be involved in some kind of storyline with WWE EVP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis sent out the following tweet on Tuesday after the Clay movement intensified online.

[adinserter block=”1″]“And to those wondering why Brodus didn’t debut tonight, I have my reasons. He will debut next week, I promise. Why would I lie? #Raw

All I am saying is that while I understand your disappointment, I think there are bigger fights to fight these days as a disgruntled fan than Brodus Clay’s pulled appearances. And in the end if the cancelation turns into an angle with the top heel on RAW, he’ll be better off.

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  1. If the people clamoring online for Brodus are the same ones who were supportive of CM Punk last summer on the web, then ratings indicate bad things ahead for Clay. We Internet fans alone cannot get a wrestler or angle over to the point it makes money, and unless Clay has greatly improved, he is a low-tier prospect.

  2. It means the hype is working. I agree with Dustin…this is nothing but excellent news for the company.

    As for Big Brodus himself, his timing and other mechanics in the ring were pretty bad, but for such an inexperienced guy you can forgive that. He must have really spectacular strides since we've last seen him.

    And at least it's not clamor for a guy who did a victory lap last Summer and is coming back. Again. To make fun of wrestling fans. Apparently. (uggh, Jericho)

    • I don't think Brodus really got a good chance to show what he can do on NXT. From what I've seen on his appearances on Superstars and FCW, he's a lot more fundamentally sound than he's given credit for, and is very quick and technical for a big guy.

  3. I honestly am glad that SOMEONE is as puzzled about the fan outrage as I am. There was never a clamoring for Clay before. Just saying

  4. Like I said on a group in Facebook, I think the postponement of Brodus' debut is a good thing simply due to the fact that, despite never being on TV, fans can't stop talking about him. I think that is a sign that WWE has something good on their hands with Brodus Clay, and he is going to be something special when he does eventually debut. When was the last time fans were so mad about a wrestler constantly NOT appearing on television?

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