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Why The CWC Is WWE Network’s Most Extraordinary Experience

Once in every great while will a WWE match truly captivate and immerse you in its magic. We’ve all felt it. The feeling of sheer excitement when you are truly lost in the moment of an “Instant Classic”. As a WWE fan and shareholder, watching the CWC, I’ve found myself in this state of being, more and more, week after week. In fact, I can’t recall a bad match thus far in the Cruiserweight Tournament. With so much WWE programming every week, it’s understandable that this show gets lost in the shuffle for WWE fans. However, after the latest episode, this diamond in the rough, is no longer a hidden gem.

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Last night I witnessed a match for the ages. Cedric Alexander vs. Kota Ibushi. If you haven’t seen it… DO IT. I’m a fan of Ibushi’s work and was ecstatic to even hear he was going to compete in the CWC. I admit, I haven’t seen much of Cedric Alexander. Two competitors, that haven’t never squared off against each other, blew the roof off the place (my home as well). I won’t spoil the match, but you will be optimistic for the WWE’s future after your experience with this match.

There are so many aspects that make this tournament special. The announcing team for one. Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan are superb. Just fantastic. I felt like I was watching the match with them live. I believe they are the best announce team going in the WWE actually. Take a look at the landscape of all 4 shows. If you were a wrestler, which of the announce teams would you most like calling your matches? Exactly.

The atmosphere of the CWC in itself could be an indicator of the future of the WWE holds. As Hall of Famer Pat Patterson would say “The people went banana’s”. Smaller intimate settings always make for a more exciting product to watch at home. Finding the balance of both a live crowd and an at home experience is challenging, but the WWE is moving in the right direction. NXT is a clear example of what a small crowd can do to for product. ECW was the forefather of this method, and I believe it was a catalyst for the success of that company. The energy from the crowd explodes every show on the CWC and the wrestlers themselves feed off of it. I wonder what Ibushi thinks of this type of crowd. Remember in Japan, the crowd can hardly be heard throughout the show. I bet this atmosphere is invigorating for all of these amazing wrestlers from around the planet.

The talent is truly “Worldwide”. So many wrestlers, so many styles, and so many unique matchups. I never thought I’d still be thoroughly enjoying Tajiri wrestle at the age of 45. These matches are legit 4-5 star matches. As a fan of 30 years, even I can attest to this. Being able to showcase these wrestlers on a big stage is wonderful for everyone involved. No matter if they win or lose, each star that goes back to his respective Indy promotion will bring the CWC flag with him too. More fans will flock to see their shows. A win/win for everyone. I also admire the respect that each wrestler shows for each other, it’s how wrestling should be. Every wrestler bringing out the absolute best in each other, night in, night out.

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The ultimate show of respect and love came from an unsurprising figure… HHH. This is a man who has made leaps and bounds in his professional and personal life. I remember hearing about how much of a dick he used to be, holding people down, etc. He was young, get over it. Maybe it’s becoming a father. Or becoming more true to himself. Whatever the case may be, his gesture at the end of the Alexander/Ibushi, to me, is a testament of the kind of man HHH has evolved into. Excellent stuff right there people.

Kudos to HHH, Daniel Bryan, Mauro Ranallo, and everyone involved with this project. I hope you’re as excited as the future of the WWE as me. Hopefully the WWE will come to their senses and add the Cruiserweight Division to Smackdown as well. The CWC is indeed “must watch” and at the same time “can’t miss”. I can only imagine what the rest of this historic tournament has in store for us. This is only the beginning. I can’t wait.

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