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Why Ring of Honor Wrestling Is the Number Two Wrestling Promotion

When Impact Wrestling (TNA or Total-Non Stop Action) announced they had a new television home for 2016, I was excited that they landed on a new network which widely available in far more many homes than Destination America. POP TV, the new location for Dixie Carter’s promotion is seen in nearly 80 million homes. In addition, POP made a move by having IMPACT Wrestling show on Tuesday night’s at 9:00 PM.

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However, over the last several months, Sinclair Broadcasting owned Ring of Honor has greatly improved with the overall production of their television product. With the company’s new staging area and lighting, ROH looks major league by today’s standards for how the product has been presented ever since World Wrestling Entertainment in the late 1990’s (then the WWF) introduced the Titan Tron for that “Big Fight Feel. I most recently liked the outside shot of the venue Ring of Honor taped their show at. They need to do this more often, and include other shots of the venues, but not every week as it may be seen as overkill to some.

While reading the spoilers doesn’t always reflect how a particular episode may come across on television, it can either entice fans to watch or drive them away based on the given description of someone’s interpretation of how a show was taped.

Ring of Honor scored well when they made an agreement with New Japan Pro Wrestling as it gives the fans some fresh new match-ups and a chance to see some of the great NJPW talent that is not normally seen on American Television Wrestling shows, while Impact Wrestling seems to continue to struggle with its long time top talent leaving the company.

One thing Ring of Honor continues to do right is focus on the action, while Impact Wrestling still keeps returning the old attitude era formula which includes long talking promos and bad backstage skits. Even though ROH Wrestling TV is syndicated on Sinclair stations and seen at Midnight ET/PT Wednesday’s on Sinclair owned Comet TV, I think they have made enough significant changes (which includes their working relationship with NJPW) that has made ROH the number two wrestling company.

Impact Wrestling has every opportunity to regain the number two spot as they have a lot going for them. As stated earlier they are on a larger cable network than that of Destination America. However, Dixie Carter and creative need to scrap the old worn out attitude era formula, silly backstage skits and bring back what TNA stood for – Total Non-Stop Action and be different from everyone else, including Global Force Wrestling which still has yet to land an American cable television deal.

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With Impact Wrestling hiring Billy Corgan for head of creative, I was hoping a new fresh set of eyes would come in and change things up use this opportunity to do something new and fresh. but when I watched the debut episode and a few other recent episodes, I really saw nothing different than when they aired on Spike or Destination America. Over the last several months for the most part, we have seen the same ratings which reflected those of when Impact aired on Destination America.

If Dixie Carter and company doesn’t make some significant changes of their own anytime soon, and the ratings continue to be that of what they were when the company aired on Destination America, POP TV isn’t going to see the Spike TV like numbers they were hoping for. I don’t know how patient CBS/Lionsgate will be before Impact Wrestling will yet again be cancelled and without an American Television cable deal and go down for the three count with ROH as the ultimate winner at number two.

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