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Why Nikki Bella’s WWE Return Works

Since Nikki Bella returned to the WWE last summer, she has had her hands full.  Dealing with the villainesses of Smackdown is no easy feat for the former Divas Champion.  With her return came the jealousy of such Superstars that they want nothing more than to take Bella out of the equation of the WWE Smackdown Women’s Division.

Carmella’s shocking heel turn came at the expense of Bella, and the two feuded towards the end of 2016 with everything they had.  Carmella took the Fearless one to new heights as she continued to blindside her in sneak attacks weekly.  She had Bella’s number, but in the end Bella was able to overcome the former NXT star.

Carmella’s hard work paid off, many fans including myself ended up rooting for Bella as she sought revenge for all those attacks from her.  Even after Carmella lost, she was able to tell the WWE fans who exactly attacked Bella at Survivor Series, forcing her to drop out of the Survivor Series Women’s Elimination match several weeks prior.  It was a smooth transition from one feud to the next as Natalya would be the one to try her hand at eliminating Bella next.

While this feud is a spotlight for Total Divas, it has done great things for both women.  Even though it is a secondary feud, both women have made the most of their time.  This is one of the many reasons why Smackdown has been so successful post-brand extension.  Having Bella in a secondary feud also helps the Women’s division, as there is focus on other women than Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss.  I just want to know where Naomi is, but that is a different subject for another blog.

Since her return, Bella has faced the criticism of dating John Cena head on, as it has been incorporated into her storylines.  That and keeping her away from the Smackdown Women’s Championship from the time being has also helped establish Bella as a fan favorite on the brand.  Trading blows with Carmella and Natalya was the best thing for Bella as she continues to be successful with those feuds post-neck surgery.  The aggressive side of Bella has been obvious and has been spotlighted in her bouts with the two women.

And Aggressive Nikki Bella is a good thing.  It brings her Fearless gimmick to a new level.  And perhaps once she sets her sights on the Women’s Championship, fans will be on board for Bella to add that accomplishment to her resume.  Personally, I would be surprised if the Smackdown Women’s Championship was not in Bella’s possession come the end of 2017.

But whenever that happens, Bella’s reign would be much better received versus her controversial Divas Championship reign prior to her neck surgery.  Bella’s comeback has been on fire and with a change in attitude when it comes to her matches; she definitely stands out in the pack.  It’s almost a double-edged sword with her twin sister Brie’s retirement that Bella is enjoying better storylines and concentration.

For right now, Bella is doing just fine and while she was gone for most of 2016, perhaps 2017 will treat Bella well if she keeps going in the right direction.  And if Bliss retains her Championship next week, she better look out for Fearless and Aggressive Nikki Bella.

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