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Why is ‘The Midnight Gospel Season 2’ Canceled by Netflix?

Netflix’s popular animated series The Midnight Gospel which was launched in the year 2020 was lined up for more episodes. The series that is based on surrealism had a great rating across the platforms like 8.2 on IMDB and 91% on rotten tomatoes. Instead of the same several fans and viewers expected a renewal of the show for a brand new season. Additionally, the makers of the dark comedy and adventurous series were hinting too towards the release of the upcoming season.

However, unfortunately, season 2 of the Science Fantasy, “The Midnight Gospel” has been canceled now. Netflix has utterly disappointed several fans who were eyeing the upcoming season by canceling it.

This also means that the viewers and fans will no longer be able to know about birth, rebirth, death, and other cosmic theories. Therefore, let us know the cardinal reasons behind why The Midnight Gospel Season 2 is not happening, even after the writers were ready.

Will The Midnight Gospel have a season 2?

All of us are well versed with Netflix’s habit of canceling shows that aren’t much popular or may not perform the way Netflix desires. Due to this reason, several shows on the streaming giant have been canceled for the upcoming season. Additionally, Netflix also removes the series and shows it no longer wishes to stream. Duncan Trussell, the show’s creator, said Season 2 of The Midnight Gospel won’t happen. Trussell said he planned one more season after the cancellation.

This was revealed by Trussell from his official Twitter account. Trussell tweeted, “Netflix canceled Midnight Gospel. In my imagination, there’s one more season, but their intelligent glass ‘deciding’ cube vibrated ‘No more.’ A cube is hard to beat. He had wanted Midnight Gospel Season 2 and more, saying “the Chromatic Ribbon universe is enormous.

Previously too Trussell stated that “I worked with Pen on the details. Every brick in that edifice, every piece of the puzzle is deliberate and based on lore. It’s a very, very, interesting large universe, and I’d love to explore it forever. Netflix released the anime in 2020. Ward’s first Netflix animation. It transforms Trussell’s audio interviews into wonderful excursions.” Duncan Trussell’s comments raised hopes for Midnight Gospel Season 2. He wanted to make The Midnight Gospel Season 2.

Owing to Trussell’s tweet and statements several fans were also disappointed with the cancellation decision. One person wrote “Why did Netflix drop the show despite great reviews? Fans are disappointed.” Another one advised finding another streaming service to continue the show. “That’s awful!” “Should we migrate to another streaming service or lobby for additional episodes?” Netflix confessed the animated series lost money. And as we all are aware, Netflix seems hesitant to spend money on experimental programs.

Apart from the finance factor, at times there are other factors too that influence the keeping or canceling of a show. This includes the termination of a licensing agreement that was signed at the time of making the deal. Additionally, low popularity can also be one of the factors.



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