Why Is On My Block Season 5 Canceled?


True Friendship is something we all want in our life. Even if we don’t have a true friend, watching a teen drama where we see friendship and how friendship can make someone’s life beautiful is everything. ‘On My Block’ is one of the teen series where you see a beautiful friendship between Mods, Caesar, Ruby, and Jamal. Watching their friendship will Easily remind you of you and your friends.

In all 4 seasons we see their friendship and all the adventure they went on over the course. Most importantly the drama doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics that are the reason this drama is so relatable. Everything about this teen drama is great and it’s not surprising that fans are wondering about when season 5 will come.

Are We Saying Goodbye to ‘On My Block’?

Unfortunately yes, On My Block season 4 was the final season. After getting so popular as a teen comedy-drama, and getting so successful when you know that the next season is not coming am heartbroken. If you saw the Netflix Official video where the cast of ‘On My Block’ Says goodbye to their fans. after watching the video you must have gotten the idea that 4th season was the last season.

‘On My Block’ season 1 was released back in 2018 and it’s been one of Netflix’s top 10 teen series since then. If you haven’t watched the series ‘On My Block’ you can watch all the seasons on Netflix. Every season consists of 10 episodes, except the third season, which came with just eight episodes.

There will be no 5th season because the 4th season has already been confirmed by Netflix to be the final season. So I guess it’s clear that we are not getting another season. However, the fourth season still ended in a way where a fifth season could be possible.

But if you see most teen drama ends with characters going to college and doing what they always want or we see all the friends come together and move towards their future. You can see the same thing happening in ‘On My Block’.

In season 4 we see all the friends come together for the final celebration and also jasmine from high school and going on to college or whatever it is that they want to pursue.

Is There Any Hope for Season 5?

As we know there is no update from the production team as well as from the casting team. But if the 5th season was coming they probably follow a similar path to their previous seasons. When the 1st season was released back on March 16, 2018, a month later it was announced that a new season was on the way.

Also when season 2 was released, one month later they announced that there will be a season 3 of the series as well.

But the Season 3 was delayed because of the pandemic, where all the production processes were on hold. Thus, it took almost a year for season 4 to be confirmed. So, now that the pandemic is over, the 5th season should have been released as per the usual schedule. That means they should have announced the 5th season by march 2022 but they didn’t so it might be clear that they are not making any more seasons for ‘On My Block’.


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