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Why is Impact Wrestling Disgracing the TNA Television Title?

Eric Young D'Lo BrownThe Television Title is not the most important title in pro wrestling by any means, but it has had a long history of tradition and a reputation for its holders being work horses such as Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson of Four Horsemen fame. Tully Blanchard held the title for 353 days, Arn Anderson for 336 days as far as singular title reigns go. Arn Anderson hold the record for most days as TV Champion with 870 across 4 different title reigns according to wikipedia (which is fairly decent as far as traditional wrestling facts are concerned).

[adinserter block=”2″]So, with such a rich history behind it why is Impact Wrestling making a total joke out of it? Why have Eric Young parade around attacking D’Lo Brown at a gas station and going to hollywood looking for challengers? I understand that Young is a comedic wrestler at the moment, but to have him disgrace not only the Television Title… but also the old TNA Heavyweight Title really burns me up.

I remember a time when even under card matches had great story lines. I remember a jaw dropping Best of 7 series between Booker T and Chris Benoit over the Television Title that really had you believe that the TV Title was every bit as important as the World Heavyweight Title. IMO, Booker T is the greatest Television Champion of all-time. He was a fighting champion that won over the crowd by working his butt off and shedding his sweat and tears for that Television Title Belt. Now, we’re reduced to Eric Young in a delusional gimmick accusing D’Lo Brown of coming for the TV Title at a gas station?

[adinserter block=”1″]It disgusts me (no offense to Eric Young because I’ve met him in person at a GCW Show and he seems like a genuinely good natured guy). I just want to see someone put on a 5-star match for the belt and really make it feel like it’s worth something again.

Whatever happened to the work horses like Booker T, or the tough-as-nails TV Champs like Arn Anderson? Heck, I’ll even take Rick Steiner. All I’m saying is that Impact Wrestling needs to wake up and realize that the same title that shot Booker T to singles stardom after Harlem Heat could be the same title that launches a Crimson, Kaz, or James Storm to stardom. Life is what you make it, and so is the Television Title.

by Brian Phelps – http://www.wrestlersway.blogspot.com

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  1. For starters, you're talking a different TV title (although I know you know that). The NWA/WCW world television title, although considered meaningless to some, did have value in elevating new stars. Plus, many wrestlers such as Booker T, Chris Jericho, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Steven Regal, etc. made you believe that the title meant something by defending it night in and night out and defending it as if it were the world title. ECW's world television title, despite not having national television exposure, was given the same treatment. Practically every wrestler who held the belt there made you truly believe that belt meant something. In TNA's case, the title has never meant anything since the day it was conceived. It could, but TNA chooses to make it worthless by putting it on a comedy wrestler who they would rather book in stupid skits rather than matches. Plus, it doesn't help that, in just about a year, the belt actually saw its name change THREE TIMES! How do you take a championship seriously when a company can't even decide what to call it? Hell, even the plate on the belt that says "Television" is a stick-on plate that covers the word "Legends". I remember when Eric Young held it the first time (during his potentially successful-yet-failed-thanks-to-booking run as the leader of World Elite) when he was calling it the Global Championship. Again, it just had a stick-on plate that said "Global", and at one point, the 'G' fell off so it just said "Lobal". I think "Low-Ball" was the perfect description for the belt, aside from "worthless".

  2. Um. What does the NWA/WCW TV Title have to do with the TNA Television Title which is like, what, its third name for that belt?

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