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Why Is ‘Charmed’ Season 5 Canceled by the CW?

And another one bites the dust.

What’s up with the CW? They are axing down Friday shows like butter. Just within we week, The CW has dropped more than 7 shows and the numbers don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. At this point, it just makes you question if there is a single show being renewed?

In the long list of shows being hunted down by the CW, the series ‘Charmed’ has also been added. The fantasy drama series has been shut down for good after running for four seasons and the CW has announced that there will be no more seasons after that.

Here is everything we know regarding the cancelation of the show so far:

What Is ‘Charmed’?

Charmed is, or was, an American series of the fantasy drama genre with supernatural elements in the blend. The series was a reboot of another series by the WB with the same name that premiered back in 1998. Both series were based on the Charmed comic books.

The story followed three sisters also called The Charmed Ones who happened to be one of the most powerful witches of all time with good intentions. They combined their power to protect innocent people from evil beings like warlocks and demons.

The reboot series had some major changes like featuring a diverse cast with three women of color in the lead and also one of the women having a different sexual orientation. There were multiple controversies because of these and the original cast members complained that none of the originals were included in the reboot and even the fans wanted the show to stop.

The Reason for Cancelation

If you think about it, it’s a miracle that the show made it so far in the first place. The show could never live up to the 1998 original’s success and by April 26 this year, the series only had an average of 650, 000 weekly viewers. The demo rating was also at 0.1 which placed it 17th among the 19 shows that aired this season on the CW in terms of audience.

There is also the fact that the show went through many major changes during its run including the changes in the showrunners and executive producers which made the show’s journey an unstable one. With how low the profits have been for the CW and the rumored selling date coming up, it’s a no-brainer that the cancelation was bound to happen.

What’s Ahead?

There are chances that Cursed will be picked up by another streamer if they see potential in it but those odds seem very low. There are still some episodes of season 4 left to air so we can only hope that the creators will provide us with a satisfactory ending to the story at the very least.



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