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Why is Batwoman Canceled By The CW After 3 Seasons?

The journey of Gotham’s vigilante has come to an unexpected end.

CW’s Batwoman which was also a part of the Arrowverse has been canceled after running for three seasons and 51 episodes. The news was confirmed by Caroline Dries, the series’ showrunner on Friday.

The decision came after a long period and the probability of a season 4 happening was put on hold for almost two months. Batwoman’s character was based on DC comics however the storyline was connected with CW’s Arrowverse.

The first season of the show aired in October 2019 and the third season ended in March this year. Here are more details regarding the cancelation of the show:

Caroline Dries on Twitter

The showrunner of the series broke the sad news of the cancelation of the show through her Twitter account. She claimed that the network has informed the crew of Batwoman that season 4 will not be happening anymore.

She said on Twitter: “Just got the sad news that #Batwoman will not be seeing an S4. I am bummed, but full of gratitude. What an honor to make 51 episodes. So many inspiring, brilliant people contributed to this series. Thank you, producers, cast, and crew. Thank you, fans! We love you.”

Reason for Cancellation

The network has been following a constant pattern for a few years where about ten or more series were early picked routinely and less than a couple of shows ever faced cancellation every year. However, earlier this year it was announced that WarnerMedia and Paramount, the co-owners of The CW were putting the network up for sale.

This led to a delay in the process of renewing and canceling the shows by The CW which suspended the decisions on the fate of multiple shows including Batwoman. And after a long wait of two months, it was finally announced that Batwoman will not be renewed for another season.

What’s Ahead?

It is fortunate that, unlike other shows which usually leave us with multiple cliffhangers and questions, Batwoman season 3 ended its story with almost all of the ends wrapped up. There is also the fact that most of the characters including Batwoman herself still have chances of appearing in other Arrowverse series.

We saw Ryan joining up with other heroes for the first time in The Flash: Armageddon which leads to speculations that her character can be brought back anytime at least for guest appearances.

The series showrunner Dries also claimed that the show hinted at new incoming stories but also had the potential to be a series finale. She added: “I think you can tell by how the stories come to a satisfying conclusion that if this were the end, it feels like we’ve answered enough questions and then also created one big question.”

Apart from Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow was also canceled after seven seasons.



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