Why Is 4400 Season 2 Cancelled at CW?


Bad news for all the “4400” fans is on its way as their favorite series will not be renewing for a new season anytime soon. According to several reports the drama series has been canceled for a season 2 and no new season will be released. TV Line has confirmed that the series will only have one season.

The series deserved a renewal for a second season as it has a hooping 82% ratings on rotten tomatoes. Further, the series’s storyline revolves around undervalued and marginalized people who vanished centuries and years ago. The storyline is also emphasized because it depicts the life of such people and hence was worth watching.

But the director and the writers of the series canceled it for the second season citing reasons like budgetary problems and lower than the anticipated ratings. However, it’s not just 4400 that has been canceled by the network. Legacies, Dynasty, Charmed, Naomi, In the Dark, and Roswell, New Mexico were also canceled by the network on Thursday.

Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow were previously canceled programs. The CW’s unusually high number of cancellations this season which amounts to nearly six shows that were canceled on May 12 alone is most likely due to the network’s rumored eventual sale. The sale can be predictably done to the Nexstar affiliate group and hence it has an uncertain future.

4400 Cancelled at CW After 1 Season

4400 had a freshman run with 732,000 total viewers and a 0.1 demo rating (with Live+7 DVR playback added in); in terms of the overall audience. Not only this it also ranks 14th out of 19 dramas on The CW this season. Despite this, it has the third-largest DVR spike (+97%) of any CW show. Despite all these attributes, the show got canceled for a second season.

The CW series, based on the USA Network sci-fi drama revolves around the people mentioned above who were all restored in an instant, aged zero, and with no knowledge of what happened to them. Joseph David-Jones (Arrow), Brittany Adebumola (Grand Army), Jaye Ladymore (Chicago P.D. ), AMARR (American Housewife), Cory Jeacoma (Power Book II: Ghost), Derrick A. King (Call Your Mother), Khaliah Johnson, TL Thompson, Iron Roach, and Autumn Best were among the cast members along with another famous cast.

A green light snatched a wounded Manny and Logan (and Hayden, who crouched over him) away in the Feb. 14 finale, which now acts as the series ender. While Logan and Hayden vanished, Jharrel and Claudette were surprised to get a visit from Manny. However, Manny stepped into his apartment and announced that he’d only been gone for half an hour and that Jharrel had already brought over a female.

Manny had spent two years in the future, working with Sienna Stone to change the world. This was all before that memory-bending cliffhanger. But he preferred a more ruthless technique, so he jumped into the green light and inserted himself into the 4400 sample. The whole plot of the series is more or less this and is also interesting to an extent. But unfortunately, we won’t be able to watch it any longer now.


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