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Why Did Andrew Garfield Decide to Take a Break from Acting?

English and American actor Andrew Garfield is reportedly taking a break from all his professional work including his acting. After bagging a spree of projects on his plate, Garfield has decided to halt all of it. The reason behind this sudden step of our favorite spiderman is nothing but exhaustion.

After keeping his rest and health first, Garfield took the step as his 2021 was super busy with a lot on his plate. The news of Garfield taking a break from the industry broke in when he revealed the same in an interview. Garfield told in an interview that a break from all his work is an urgent need for him. He also revealed that he will take the same after his latest crime series gets released.

Garfield’s latest release titled “Under the Banner of Heaven” will be released on April 28th after which he is planning to take a break. He continued, ” “I’m going to take a short break. I need to rethink what I want to do next and who I want to be, and just be a little bit of a person for a while.”

When we said that Andrew’s 2021 was super exhaustive we meant it. Because he had a guest appearance in Spiderman: No Way Home. Then he was also the part of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, which was pictured with Jessica Chastain the oscar winning actress. Not only this but certain other projects are also on their way to getting released.

Further, Garfield was also featured in The Social Network and also in works like Silence99 Homes, and Breathe. Hence it was understandable when Garfield decided to take a break.

The Hacksaw Ridge star described awards season as a “washing machine” that took a toll on him. Despite this, he expressed gratitude for the whirlwind year he’d had and the experiences he’d had along the road. “It’s a lot of fun, and you get to hang out with people you like and admire, and you get to be a part of a really privileged conversation,” he said. “You get to feel all of the visceral [aspects of] being a part of that community and its dynamics firsthand.”

But fear not, Garfield fans: Andrew has more fresh material on the way. In Under the Banner of Heaven, which premieres on FX on April 28, the actor will play faithful investigator Jeb Pyre, who investigates a terrible murder in a Mormon community. The series is based on Jon Krakauer’s best-selling nonfiction book of the same name.

Andrew remarked of the program, “I thought it was just such an incredible study of fanaticism leading to such horrendous deeds and how human beings can rationalize terrible brutality in the name of God and love.” “It was quite compelling and significant to me.”



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