Why CM Punk Needs Triple H (And Vice Versa)


Triple H CM PunkThe time is slowly counting down as the promos have been cute, the angles are at their peaks, and the wrestling world is fully prepared for WWE Summerslam. Something feels different about this event, however. In fact, this feeling has been there since a few weeks before WWE presented Money in the Bank. That feeling is the meteoric rise in popularity of CM Punk.

The seeds were sown for this angle many, many moons ago when CM Punk talked about how frustrated he was with his employer and planned on leaving when his contract was up. Yet as this time grew near, Ring of Honor fans began to see the beginning of something that they first saw in 2005, referring to “The Summer of Punk.” Punk threatened to take the title and defend it in Japan and Ring of Honor, much like with the ROH title that he signed his WWE contract on.

[adinserter block=”2″]But this is not the Summer of Punk. Instead, Punk won the title and disappeared, taking a short vacation before returning with a new contract yet the same attitude. It is this attitude that has made CM Punk a bonafide superstar. And while WWE is re-hashing a popular angle, unlike TNA, they are using new superstars and re-creating it to be modern.

All of the players are currently here: Playing “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is CM Punk, playing Mr. McMahon is Triple H, and in the role of The Rock would be John Cena. If they play their cards right, this angle is going to catch fire and bring about the new era that they have desperately been needing. But as many fans and wrestling writers have been worried about, they think that the ego-centric Triple H is going to ruin the angle and put only himself over.

Triple H over the years has slowly been winding down his career as a professional wrestler, setting himself up to take over his father-in-laws company. In the time that he has been gone as a professional wrestler, he has signed two superstars in Mistico, now Sin Cara, and Amazing Kong, now Kharma.

On top of this, he has done his best to stay off of television until now as the COO of World Wrestling Entertainment. As a person being groomed to take over the reigns, there is no way that he can’t see that he needs to build up new superstars and not be the main focus of attention. This means that Summerslam will need to go one of two ways.

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One, CM Punk can overcome the opposition and defeat Cena to become the Undisputed Champion. The logical answer is for Triple H to try and screw Punk and get Cena the belt only for Punk to overcome and beat his opposition. This is what everybody wants to see yet nobody is expecting because they have become accustomed to the WWE writing team inevitably dropping the ball on their angles.

Two, CM Punk loses. This is what everybody is expecting and assumes that this happening will be bad. CM Punk losing might not be a bad thing but could in fact be what needs to be done. The WWE understands that John Cena is their superhero but there is a big portion of their fanbase does not like him. So, instead of turning him into a bad guy, why not just make him Triple H’s face of World Wrestling Entertainment? Think of it this way, Triple H screws over CM Punk because he doesn’t want him as the face of the company and putting even more fans on his side as he fights his way through “big brother” to get the belt back.

[adinserter block=”1″]While this angle is very Austin-McMahon, they are fighting a different battle. Instead of simply renegade employee against boss, we are seeing indy darling against the man believed to be “holding him down.” Everybody hates Triple H for inserting himself in this match and believes he is going to screw over CM Punk, which is exactly what the WWE are going for. Triple H is the top heel on the Internet and that is what they are capitalizing on by having him as “the boss.” This angle crosses over with the renegade teens that want that badass, the smart wrestling fans who want to see their boy take down who they see as “the man”, and those adults who want that Austin-like persona back in the wrestling world.

It is still unsure how the WWE will play this out and they could serious botch it. There is also the wildcard of Alberto Del Rio and his Money in the Bank contract that could muck up the waters or also save them by taking the pressure off of Cena and making Del Rio Triple H’s “guy.” But this question will be solved in mere hours as Summerslam is almost upon us.

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