Why can’t the WWE Divas deliver like the TNA Knockouts?


[adinserter block=”1″]I watched a ladder match Thursday night involving Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Yes. you heard me correctly. Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim gave TNA viewers one hell of a match the other night in what can only be described as one of the best women’s matches of the year.

It just proves to me time and time again how TNA gets it, but does not get the support in ratings it deserves.

For the record, I am an NWA throwback; born and raised on the figure-four, the belief a drop kick is a thing of beauty and no one hit you harder than Harley Race.

I believe in the idea that Dusty Rhodes was as great a wrestling mind as he was a performer and that Arn Anderson is still the most underrated wrestler of all time.

OK, getting back to this idea of a ladder match in women’s wrestling. OMG! It was great and it delivered on the mat and on the metal. Don’t ever let someone say the women cannot deliver a “grand-sized” match like this. If so, I have two words for you, and they aren’t what you think they are.

So my next question about this ladder match is simple — “If these two ladies are pulling it off and making it look seamless, then why aren’t other Divas or Knockouts attempting this in the name of professional wrestling?”

And with Money in the Bank this weekend, “Why isn’t there a ladder match for the Divas’ Title between Kaitlyn and AJ Lee?”

Those are answers I am going to leave to the “professionals” of this business. But as I can see of late, TNA is kicking the WWE into the turnbuckle again, beating them at storylines, developing a well planned attack against Aces and Eights and coming up with a solution of a face stable to battle good and evil.

Where is that in Stamford? Where is that in the WWE’s back yard?

Terrell and Kim just gave me more reason to watch on Thursday nights.

Not like I really needed one since nothing is on television. But the dialogue is better, the matches more entertaining (but I do have to admit, the WWE is getting better) and the future looks less crowded. Old school meets innovation down in Florida. New school meets a wing and a prayer up north.

I’d like to think the WWE would watch some of what is going on in TNA and say “Hey, we could do that, but we could do it better.”

I thought that was the idea of the Divas’ matches to emulate or out-do the women of TNA. Terrell, Kim, Velvet Sky, ODB and Mickie James are just that much better. Even with the likes of Sarita, Rosita, Winter and Angelina Love gone, the product is better. I had hoped the Bellas, AJ, Kaitlyn, Natalya (thank goodness she is wrestling again) and Alicia Fox would step the game up.

It hasn’t, unfortunately. All it’s done is create a mess.

It’s sad that it took two women in skimpy shorts to make us see the difference, which is a lot wider than you might think. Thursday night proved it.

The WWE is working hard to improve all its angles and divisions. But I also thought wrestling was a copycat business where if it works in one place, it has to work in another. Maybe the WWE hasn’t gotten that memo yet.

[adinserter block=”2″]And in the process they don’t have the best wrestler in the business (Kim) on their side nor do they have the ammunition to continually counter anything TNA does. Still, they own the ratings game and the marketing game. The only thing they are really losing at is the wrestling game, the one that really matters.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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  1. Here is my thinking those 2 knockouts put on a great match at slammerversary but we see each wrester in only 1 segment leading up to that epic ladder match that is one explanation. Why put my body at risk if I am not being used as much.

    My feeling is that a ladder match is not the only way to get an excellent match out of the ladies, I felt sold by the dynamic of strength vs submission of the payback match. Plus each competitor was used each week since.

    Did this match did more to promote the WWE MITB imho I thought it did.

    There may be more to come on this saga.


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