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Why Braun Strowman Should Beat Brock Lesnar at WWE No Mercy 2017

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Although No Mercy is a B Pay-Per-View for WWE, it is certainly earning a lot of respect for its bold choices in matches amongst the card such as the battle for Vince McMahon’s love between John Cena and Roman Reigns. However, the main event is just as noteworthy as two behemoths come face to face in what should be an epic brawl.

Just over a year ago no one would have anticipated the meteoric rise of the monster among men, Braun Strowman, but now he is a firmly a fan favourite despite WWE clearly trying to present him as a heel. Strowman, garnered such affection from the WWE universe via a stellar rivalry with company chosen one, Reigns that involved a series of preposterous yet exquisitely executed moments such as Strowman throwing Reigns down a flight of stairs while strapped to a stretcher, and the remarkable flipping of an ambulance. Say what you want about Roman Reigns, but he has helped shape Strowman into the star that he now is, and for that we salute him.

Nevertheless, this article explains why Braun Strowman should defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at No Mercy, and in reality it has nothing to do with Braun in the slightest. Brock is on a part-time contract with WWE, and that is where the problem lies. For a company that prides itself so much on the rule that a championship must be defended at least once within thirty days to the point where they stripped Naomi of her Smackdown Live Women’s Championship due to a possible injury meaning that she may not have been able to adhere to this rule, it’s somewhat hypocritical to allow Brock to not defend his title for several months because he doesn’t feel like it.

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It has been reported that once No Mercy is over, Brock Lesnar will be taking time off from WWE and could be gone from the company until around the time of the Royal Rumble in early 2018. For this reason alone, is why Braun Strowman should be the man to dethrone the beast incarnate. The Universal Championship has had four holders in its time since its unveiling after the brand split, and two of those reigns have been by wrestlers on part-time contracts. This fact does not make the Universal Championship seem like a credible title, something it has struggled with ever since it was unveiled and an entire audience booed the inanimate object. However, it is not without saying that Brock Lesnar is not a credible holder of the title. Brock Lesnar has done things simply no one else has really done before, he has held both WWE and UFC championships, he beat The Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania, the man is a genetic freak and this makes him seem unstoppable. The Raw after Wrestlemania fans chanted to Brock Lensar and his advocate “we want Balor”, and while the inaugural Universal Champion is a stellar performer, his list of accomplishments is far less impressive than that of Lesnar, and you’d have to think that if the two came to blows, Finn Balor would be eaten alive.

It is obvious to everyone and their grandmother that WWE are gearing up for Lesnar vs Reigns at Wrestlemania 34, where Reigns will finally get his crowning moment, but up until that point another competitor should hold the title and try and give it some life and meaning, where it can be defended on house shows and the many Pay-Per-Views between No Mercy and Wrestlemania. That is why from a business standpoint, it would make sense to see the monster among men topple the beast and continue to hurl chairs at various superstars, but he can do this as our Universal Champion, something Braun Strowman has earned for his superb run within the last year and a half.

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