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Lately I have had an easier time understanding my girlfriend then I have had understanding the “average wrestling fan.” No don’t get me wrong here that’s a great thing…especially if my girlfriend is reading this. But that’s not the point here…the point I am trying to make is that I don’t understand The Rock vs. John Cena II backlash.

[adinserter block=”1″]The night after WrestleMania 27, wrestling fans around the world soiled themselves over the announcement that we would get The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28. It was quite possibly the last dream match that wrestling fans wanted to see at that time and knew that out of all the potential dream matches (*cough* Punk vs. Austin *cough*), this was one that was the most likely. It happened and when it got closer to the actual match itself, we complained.

I’ll admit the buildup to The Rock vs. John Cena for WrestleMania 28 wasn’t that good and had more “okay moments” then “great moments.” But still wrestling fans were pumped for the actual match itself in Miami, Florida. Then the match happened and we as wrestling fans of course, complained.

Was the match a “5-star match?” No.

Did The Rock look winded at times? Yes.

Did John Cena mess up a couple spots? Yes.

But were you excited to watch the match that it actually took you back to your days as a “young” wrestling fan? Hell yes.

The match had emotion, it had excitement and to steal a line from The Rock, it had electricity in the air. Wrestling fans around the globe knew that were watching something special that night and it had the historic feel to it. Those moments don’t come around too much and while it wasn’t an amazing match I don’t know why people immediately complain about it happening again.

One of my favorite arguments from wrestling fans is that they complain that the WWE called it a “Once in a Lifetime” match and that it would never happen again. First off, when did wrestling fans take the WWE’s word as gospel and of course they wanted you to believe that because they wanted you to know you were seeing something special…which in my opinion, you still did. Have we ever been known to take what people in the wrestling world say as gospel?

Not to get sidetracked here but for instance: remember when Bruno Sammartino said he would never go into the WWE Hall-of-Fame? Or how about when Bret Hart said he would never return to the WWE or forgive Shawn Michaels? And how about Brock Lesnar saying he would never return to professional wrestling, especially the WWE?

You never say never in the world of professional wrestling and the WWE so wrestling fans need to stop with the “but they said it was a once in a lifetime” deal. You really sound ridiculous by saying that. That’s like thinking Ric Flair would never wrestling again, stop it.

In my opinion or my “silver lining,” I only think Rock/Cena II can only go “up” from here. I believe there will be a better build to the match and that come April 7th in MetLife Stadium we will see a better match. Say what you will about them but The Rock & John Cena are two of the best “work horses” in professional wrestling and I have a feeling they will make up for whatever “bad taste” you have in your mouth from their WrestleMania 28 encounter.

[adinserter block=”2″]So stop you’re complaining, enjoy what’s going on and watch two of the greatest wrestlers of our era perform.

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  1. Rock vs Cena 2 is a f&%#ing joke, who the f+#k wants to see that sh&%@y match
    It is a disgrace to the WWE, “Once in a Lifetime” my ass and now The Rock is gonna job to John Cena, what a travesty, they may as well have The Rock vs John Cena 3 next year and then The Rock vs John Cena 4 the year after then The Rock vs John Cena 5 until they hit The Rock vs John Cena 100, alternating wins and losses and the WWE Title
    Then they have The Rock vs John Cena vs Yoshi Tatsu and Yoshi Tatsu wins

  2. I did go a little overboard ill admit, his opinion is worth just as much as mine. I just didnt like the “stop complaining” remarks but that dont warrant name calling, your right. My only gripe is being told to shut up and blindly enjoy anything they serve up to me. I take back my journalist comment.

  3. I wasnt writing that to you eric, i actually love most of your articles. Some guy i never heard of opinion is supposed to outweigh mine and make me think different now. Everyone i know, including you, have no excitment about the rematch…..but we are wrong i guess because it makes wwe lots of money

  4. No i dont have to take it easy when someone tries to make me change my opinion and tells me to shut up and enjoy it. Your not paying my cable bill and your not buying me a t-shirt so you have NO say in what i like/dislike. This entire article is some guys opinion……..while telling me to forget mine basically. You mean nothing

  5. Stop complaining you told me? So im supposed to shut up and enjoy it right? Stop marking out to every decision they make and have some backbone. Were not allowed to disagree on the product we pay for now? WWE isnt offering you a job because you agree with everything they do you poser mark disgrace of a “journalist”.

  6. The boo’s you hear for Cena are NOT “happy boo’s” like a heel jericho or hollywood hogan would recieve. Lots of people just DONT LIKE cenas fake and childish hustler/marine/rapper/superman persona and its boring!!!!!! Almost every great has turned heel: rock,austin,hogan,hbk,hart,hhh but nooooooo cena can NEVER evolve……….word thug hustle life…or some crap like that

  7. The biggest reason that I don’t feel a whole lot of excitement for this match is that Rocky just isn’t in wrestling shape. He’s carrying too much mass for his film roles and it’s obviously affecting his mobility.

    I certainly don’t begrudge the WWE for Cena/Rock being the main event. It makes sense from a business perspective. I’m just not excited to watch Rocky lumber around for half an hour.

  8. Wow great comments from everyone. I agree with your assessment about the guys doing themselves no favors. As I have written before, I understand the match for business, but I have 0 excitement to see it.

  9. This match is for Super Cena's fan boys because WWE cannot allow Cena to hold a clean legitimate loss against him.

    When Cena loses either one of two things happen.. A "heel type" loss so Cena loses no credibility or, Cena demands a re-match and runs rampant on his path of retribution where he will clearly succeed.

    Cena & Rock could of made a lot more effort to get the audience sucked in to this feud they're having for the second straight year, unfortunately many people are not the slightest bit interested. The point is people are more pissed at the WWE's "creative team" because they're not being creative at all and in turn that's undermining the intelligence of its audience.

    Even with this bout having the most predictable conclusion, Cena and Rock have done themselves no favors by dragging their feet through-out the entire build-up. Uniqueness and unpredictable plots is what draws people in.

    My prediction – 23 – 32 minutes of Match Length with about 10 – 15 minutes of that being a battle of Egos, one or two twists that will look to effect the outcome of the match before Super Cena is ultimately crowned once again, the WWE champion.

  10. There are many reasons to complain about this match that go BEYOND the "Once In A Lifetime" tagline. But since you made that the focal point of your article, let's tackle that one first, shall we?

    Have we been lied to by wrestlers in the past? Absolutely. But I also believe those wrestlers were telling us what THEY believed to be TRUE at the time. Brock Lesnar had no interest in returning to wrestling at the time, just like Bruno had no interest in the WWE Hall of Fame. (And we ALL know how bitter BRET was.) It took each one of those guys a LONG TIME to change their mind about something they felt so strongly about.

    The Rock/Cena match, however, was a whole different animal. They made a HUGE deal about it only happening once, in an effort to get a million buys (which they did). The thing is, even WITHOUT that tagline, Wrestlemania would have done VERY WELL with that match as the main event. But they lied to us in an effort to get our money, knowing it would happen again. That's what I don't like.

    Now granted, we watch wrestling knowing it's a work. They like to work the audience with their show and spring surprises on us so they can say "We got you" and we love it b/c we didn't see it coming. That's fine. I have no problem with that. What I DO have a problem with, however, is them making us wait a YEAR for the match, then BLATANTLY lying about it only happening once. And because of that, I WILL not buy Wrestlemania this year. I bought it LAST year, saying "OK, this is definitely something special." But this year, NOTHING'S special about it. So, they won't get my money again.

    Now, you mentioned us complaining as last year's match drew closer. Well the reason for that was simple. We wanted to see it in 2011. When Rock came back to "host" Wrestlemania, we wanted to see him and Cena THEN. You could've thrown the Miz out of that match and I don't think ANYONE would have complained, because Rock/Cena was HOT then.

    But then to wait a year, having them talk shit over Twitter, that watered it down a bit. People want instant gratification a lot of the time. Having us wait a year makes some people lose interest. In my opinion, even MORE people would have bought it if they DIDN'T have to wait a year. In a year, people stop watching, they lose interest, they die, etc. There may've been 2 million buys had it happened in 2011. But I digress. Let's get to the OTHER reasons we complain about this match…

    1) We know who's gonna win.

    No way in hell the WWE Title stays on The Rock since he's leaving right after WM. (Now, they could swerve us & have Rock WIN at WM then lose on RAW the next night, but that's not likely.) Plus, Cena lost last year, so they're gonna wanna even the score, giving Cena his win back.

    2) Last year's match was disappointing.

    From an in-ring standpoint, Rock & Cena's first match at Mania, came very close to sucking. It didn't QUITE suck, but it was close. Too many rest holds, not enough action, Rock looking winded (even though he was GREAT at Survivor Series), and the submission holds were a waste of time. We knew neither Rock or Cena would tap out. So we basically just say there for 5 minutes waiting for them to escape. (Especially Rock from Cena's HORRIBLY applied STF.)

    3) Too much, and too long.

    We wanted it in 2011, waited til 2012 (where we got it and only KIND of wanted it) now we get it again in 2013. I'm just OVER the whole Cena/Rock thing. I think a lot of fans are.

    Anyway, you wanted some answers. Now you have them.

  11. I was at the show live, and I thought the match was very good. I would have given it 3 1/4 stars. You made very valid points about the quality of the match, and fans complaining about a rematch. You never take the words of a pro wrestler seriously when they say, “I never…” I should say, in most cases. I don’t think fans are happy unless they ARE complaining to be honest.


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