Who’s really the “savior” of the WWE Divas Division?


[adinserter block=”1″]A couple of weeks ago, current WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee cut possibly one of the best promos in this generation of the current crop of the divas that WWE has today on how Total Divas is nothing compared to her and her holding the Divas Championship. I’ll admit, I did mark out hardcore during this promo as I’m sure everyone else did as well watching this epic promo. This would soon lead to a debate on who really did save the Divas Division during this time and it would mark a hardcore twitter war with some of the fans of the Total Divas fans against the AJ Lee Fans.

I tend to stay out of these wars a lot on twitter and tumblr, but tumblr is where most of the trouble starts with these confession blogs and how people are leaving thoughts on the Divas Division and how they feel about it. While you are allowed to have your own opinion on certain stuff regarding what goes on in the division, some of the stuff that I see is nonsense and just laughable at the same time. I should mention in this blog that most of AJ Lee’s fans that I see on twitter are teenagers and I can be the one to say that AJ does draw within the teenage group.

However, I do question who the “savior” of the Divas Division is really and this is just an opinion I do have regarding this whole savior situation. I believe that in a way, AJ Lee made the division really interesting. All of last year into parts of this year, AJ was in major storylines such as the WWE Championship storyline with CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan nearly two summers ago, she was also a general manger before having that stripped away from her because her “affair” with John Cena only for her to turn heel and be paired with Dolph Ziggler and be apart of him winning the World Heavyweight Championship the night after Wrestlemania and then finally won the Divas Championship from her long time rival and former best friend Kaitlyn at Payback back of June of this year. AJ also has the most merchandise of any diva on the roster and she is possibly one of the many divas that have been over since the days of Trish Stratus and Lita.

But you can also question the fact that the Total Divas cast is the savior of the division as well. They have been featured more and more in important storylines while having an actual match at Summerslam where Natalya defeated Brie Bella and then on the following night, Brie won the rematch which would lead the cast (Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya) getting that title shot at Night of Champions with AJ retaining the title. You could credit this whole feud back of the summer of 2013 with the Total Divas against AJ and AJ having the non total Divas such as Aksana, Layla and Alicia Fox to be on her side, only to have them turn their backs on her in September.

[adinserter block=”2″]So now I put this up for debate, who do you think is the real savoir of the division? Do you think AJ is the real savoir of the division? Do you think the Total Divas are the saviors of the division?

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  1. I think that history will remember Sara Del Rey as the one being the true savior of the diva's division, the quality of the wrestling from the women she trains down in nxt is what will take the division forward and pick up from where AJ started


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