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Who Will Win The Pro Wrestling Re-Branding War?

Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahonBack in 2010, Hulk Hogan and TNA Wrestling attempted to re-create the Monday Night wrestling wars by moving their Impact show to Monday nights to go head to head with WWE Raw in an effort to bring back what was the greatest era in wrestling television history during the mid-1990’s.

Now, there is a new wrestling war of sorts, and TNA has struck yet again, trying to follow after WWE in what looks like an attempt to attract anti-WWE fans and those who quit watching wrestling after the end of the first Monday Night War.

[adinserter block=”2″]Last month, when World Wrestling Entertainment announced its re-branding by dropping the word wrestling from its name in order to put more focus on the word entertainment, my thought first thought was shorter matches, less wrestling and more ridiculous backstage “entertainment” type skits.

Since this change, I have been very surprised to see lengthy action packed television matches. But what really has grabbed my attention the most which I found to be surprising, is the action outside the ring, such as the angle WWE did in London with the well-executed R-Truth heel turn that ended up with Truth giving a great beat down on John Morrison outside the ring, followed up by Cody Rhodes on SmackDown going crazy outside the ring on Rey Mysterio, and the precursor to the LayCool split with Layla slamming Michelle McCool’s head against the barricade.

Like him or not, Vince McMahon is a very smart business man. If he wasn’t, WWE would have gone out of business long before now. As I have watched both Raw and SmackDown the past few weeks, I have often wondered if Vince decided to use the old trick of ‘reverse psychology’, by giving fans what they didn’t expect following the re-brand.

With WWE dropping the term wrestling and putting more emphasis on entertainment, most fans expected that the largest professional wrestling company in the world would add more un-needed backstage skits and feature more celebrities whom no one really cares about. But instead, what I see is Vince giving the fans what they did not expect, which is longer television matches and some added edgy action as a bonus. WWE has been on a roll as of late with some great in-ring action.

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[adinserter block=”1″]On May 12, TNA Wrestling made their re-branding official by changing the name of their television show to Impact Wrestling with the theme of ‘Wrestling Matters.’

If TNA is going to abide by the name, then they need to overhaul their in-ring product significantly, by skewing away from the old WWE Attitude Era product they currently are and move in the direction of a sports show format. But, if TNA really wants to be the number wrestling promotion, which I believe is their goal, they need to stop worrying about what WWE is doing and not try to be truly different.

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