Who will step up in John Cena’s WWE absence?


[adinserter block=”1″]The company is about to experience life without John Cena. Now that may not seem like it is the end of the world since the company has had to deal with Cena being lost from time to time before, but now more than ever the shockwave of losing the WWE’s top draw will be felt more than it ever has.

Blame that on marketing, bad booking and bad timing.

Well, bad timing for an elbow injury that keeps him out of action until the end of the year.

While the McMahons relish in the fact they now have the lead angle of their business all to themselves and that Randy Orton is “finally” the heel he has wanted to be, let’s get back to matter at hand: how does this company replace a man like Cena, who is just as important to the company for his in ring presence as he is for his marketing ability.

Who will step up and replace John Cena in the interim? Here are some names to consider.

Daniel Bryan

Already there. He was hand chosen by John Cena himself and now much live up to the idea and notion that he is the face of this company for now. This is well deserved and very much not what I thought would have happened six months ago.

Bryan is a stud who, despite his stature, is as big a superstar as they come. He has beaten everyone his wake. Now it will be interesting to see how he leads and whether or not everyone decides to follow.

CM Punk

Another one who is already there. Can Punk get himself away from his feud with Curtis Axel and most importantly, Paul Heyman?

Punk’s mic skills are better than Bryan’s and his ability to divide and conquer the masses is crucial to keeping the WWE Universe on his side.

It is also important because at one time or another, Punk has had a run-in with Vince McMahon, Triple H and Randy Orton. It is not like the WWE is creating a new feud, just readjusting new battle lines.

As for taking Cena’s place, it has happened before in some sort of way with his “anti-hero shtick” that the WWE Universe ate up. Cena in a way helped to create the fans’ love for Punk. He can carry the company, but only so far. It is not a position he looks comfortable with.

The Miz

While it looks like Fandango wants to inject himself in the Miz’s business, this really is not a good angle for him.

The Miz is arguably the second most popular wrestler when it comes to marketing and public relations in the company. He is a valuable commodity. While his “face” turn did nothing to really help him or WWE, he is still a solid worker and excellent with the microphone. The WWE should look to enhance his character more.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan in the ring together would be dynamite. He is also potentially has the chance to be a major face, but he needs to be fully accepted by the fans and the WWE needs to promote him as a true face.


We all know he is not going to get “one last match” or at least another one. I think Christian’s role is now about putting wrestlers over. He is loved and respected by the fans and veterans in the locker room but he is not the same person he was with Edge by his side or in a program with Chris Jericho.

[adinserter block=”2″]I like Christian. I like that he is still a great performer and can give fans an amazing match. But when it comes to trying to replace Cena or help with that, he should call his buddy Edge to do that instead.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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