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Who Will Lead the WWE Revolution’s Charge against Triple H and Randy Orton?

The clock is ticking. The score is well in favor of Triple H and Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan is a beaten man. And the remaining members of the WWE’s roster is wondering what the hell it can do to make this kind of domination stop.

[adinserter block=”1″]How about a true leader? How about making this more personal amongst wrestlers who want to “walk the line” and get in their boss’s face? What if an outsider made it all possible?

I’m not in favor of all this “handcuffing” that is going on in the company, but I also know that in past angles like this, the faction in charge showed its muscle for a bit before faces fought back.

Look no further than The Shield to see what I am talking about. Nothing was more compelling at the beginning of the program than seeing hungry wolves pummeling their prey. If the Shield, along with Orton and Triple H, should he get back in the ring, could make a mighty solid bullying squad.

But when all is said and done, the opponents fight back. They fight back in numbers. They fight back with a vengeance. They fight back to the delight of the fans.

I am not saying this should happen, but what if someone from the back stood up and challenged the authority of the WWE? What if there was one man (or woman) who could change the direction of this new angle in one swift turn? Here are some names to consider.

Steve Austin

The ultimate rebellious SOB. Austin has a history with the McMahon family. His feud with Vince McMahon is considered the greatest feud of all time. I like the idea, but I cannot see this really happening.

The only way this becomes more compelling is if it leads to SCSA and Triple H getting in the ring. WrestleMania XXX has already been nixed, but Hell in a Cell is still available.

Mick Foley

Foley vs. Dean Ambrose, anyone. This is a possibility because Foley is constantly moving in and out the television picture.

He would be ideal to being together five superstars to challenge for the supremacy of the WWE.

I could see Foley lead a team into Survivor Series. And when all is said and done, he can still wrestle.

John Laurinaitis

This might be the most shocking move the WWE could make, but it could be the best at the same time.

Laurinaitis comes out, bookended by Big Show and Mark Henry. He tells Triple H and Vince McMahon how he played their game and even fought the system. Now, he wants to make amends. The crowd goes wild.

Laurinaitis then challenges the McMahons to Survivor Series and control of the WWE.

Booker T

This is one angle I expected to happen last week. When Booker T was watching Triple H walk up the entrance ramp. I thought either Big Show or Booker T would open their mouths.

The angry former general manager of SmackDown seeks revenge against the McMahons.

I can dig that, sucka.

Another angle I like is the former world tag champion taking the Prime Time Players under his wing. Add Mark Henry and Big Show to the mix and good gawd, that rocks.

Ric Flair

I know Eric has touched on this, but as a fan of “The Nature Boy.” I love the idea of Flair being part of this program. Forget all the drama outside the ring. The WWE needs Flair and this is perfect for him.

There doesn’t need to be a Flair sighting in the ring. There just needs a little bit of styling and profiling. The rest is up to the locker room.

[adinserter block=”2″]Seeing former friends and Evolution members at odds makes this angle a little bit hotter.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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    • I have to say I enjoyed your article. My only issue at this point is who they will bring in to combat Trips dominance over the wrestlers without any repercussions. It came to me last night and unfortunately I hope I am wrong. They need a leader that Trips can't fire or intimidate and the only person I can think of is Shane. Unless of course they turn Vince face, then it fall on him to divide his side of the company to be faces verses Trips Heels. I am not really looking forward to that either. Vinnie Mack is a great heel character and it always works better that way. I read an article on this site that suggest Flair make a return and rally the troops to go against Trips, however, that only works if something in his contract makes it impossible for Trips to fire him or that Trips is so emotionally attached to Flair that he can’t fire him. But you would still have to bring him in with some type of power. (I.E. Shane)

  1. If you insist on using past stars this is an excellent use of Dwayne Johnson.

    What I would rather see is to have the current stars set up to the plate and show that they are worthy for the spotlight. My first change would flip the roles of the Shield and the Big Show and Mark Henry. Future Endeavor Swagger then take Cesaro and use him with the rebels. After watching Sammy Zane's match in NXT he would be my 5th person to join Daniel Bryan and if you want to use a spokeperson for this group how about Zeb Coulter.

    My solution frees up Punk for another Lesnar confrontation, It also takes Cena out of the equation as well for a different program.


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