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Christian is poised to lead SmackDownThere is now a huge gap on the WWE roster and most importantly on the SmackDown brand in the WWE with the recent retirement of World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Sure the WWE and their fans can reminisce & feel sad as we say goodbye to one of the all-time greats in the squared circle but now it gives the WWE the opportunity to elevate someone new to the top of the WWE. Who will receive the keys to the city from Vince McMahon and company as we continue to phase ourselves into yet another era in the WWE?

The top babyface position and the top position on the SmackDown brand are now wide open. While it’s sad to see Edge go, it’s exciting to see who the WWE could elevate under these unfortunate circumstances. With the exception of former WWE & World Heavyweight Champions, let’s take a look at who could lead the blue brand in the WWE.

Christian This is the obvious choice and appears to be the WWE creative team’s choice for the time being. We will never know where exactly they were planning on taking the whole Edge/Christian/Del Rio storyline and if Christian was to ever be a heel. There is no way the WWE turns Christian heel now and there is no way that Christian becomes a heel in the next year or so.

[adinserter block=”2″]I’ve been a fan of Christian’s for quite sometime. He is a great in-ring worker and when given the opportunity he can cut a pretty decent promo. He has the tools to be a World Champion as he has led TNA & the WWECW brand at respective times as a World Champion. He has never been given the true “green light” by Vince McMahon before and now with his best friend gone; this can be his chance to break out as a star in the WWE.

Daniel Bryan – The SmackDown brand has always prided themselves as the “wrestling brand” in the WWE. Who else fits the mold of the wrestling brand better then one of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster then Daniel Bryan? This guy is poised by many right now as the breakout star that could be headlining Wrestlemania 28 next year in a World Title match. He is well liked by fans and can deliver in the squared circle.

Imagining a serious of matches between Alberto Del Rio & Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship already has me excited. Sure Daniel Bryan is small and doesn’t fit the “WWE mold” in the eyes of Vince McMahon but neither does current WWE Champion The Miz. The WWE needs to move Bryan off of the RAW brand and give him his just due spotlight on the SmackDown brand where his talents can be showcased at greater length.

Kofi Kingston – Before there was Daniel Bryan on the WWE roster it was Kofi Kingston that wrestling fans were hoping would eventually get his big break in the WWE. He had his brief chance during a brief feud with Randy Orton but was pushed back down the chain where he would settle with Intercontinental & United States Championship runs. Kingston delivers in the ring and fans want to see him get elevated now, with Edge gone this could be the chance that Kingston needs.

Kingston is believed by the fans of the WWE and most importantly the kids watching the product. You always seem to see signs for Kofi or t-shirts of his being worn by the young fans (similar to Rey Mysterio), that alone would be something the WWE marketing machine would love to see more of if they elevate Kofi. Kingston is a star and this could be a huge opportunity for him to finally develop into what many fans think he could be.

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John Morrison – Before his Wrestlemania 27 incident I would have figured Morrison to be a top contender for this spot. It looked like the creative team had finally given him the green light after WWE Championship shots and a prolific Wrestlemania match. But that all changed after he let politics deem where his career would ride for the next couple of months.

Morrison is talented and World Championship material, it’s just whether or not he will ever live up to that potential. As it stands right now it looks like that potential will be pushed back for sometime as he pays his political dues. Had he kept his mouth shut and stayed out of the politics it is quite possible it could have been John Morrison who could be leading the SmackDown brand at some point in 2011.

[adinserter block=”1″]R-Truth – He got the big push this past Monday Night on RAW when he was inserted in the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship along with The Miz and John Cena. Not bad for a guy who was completely left off the Wrestlemania 27 card and now he’s headlining the next month’s PPV for the WWE Championship. Could this mean the WWE is finally ready to elevate R-Truth?

R-Truth is a very underrated wrestler and very over with the WWE fan base. Giving Truth the ball on the SmackDown side could be something that could help make fans actually believe the WWE is interested in creating new stars. You never know what you got until you give the wrestler the ball and I believe the creative team needs to realize that philosophy with a guy like R-Truth.

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  1. These would all be great choices, but I rarely hear Kofi on the mic. I still think Morrison can rebound, but it'll have to be on Smackdown, which is begging for a Cody Rhodes/Morrison feud.


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