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Who will feud with Randy Orton on Smackdown? – Inside The Wheelhouse

Will Randy Orton feud with Ted DiBiase on SmackDown?For my post-2011 WWE Draft blog I have decided to focus more on Randy Orton’s future on WWE SmackDown rather then bash the draft (like most have) and breakdown the debauchery that was the John Cena switches throughout the night. SmackDown has their big baby face now and as I predicted here last week & on “The Still Real to Us Show,” it’s “The Viper” Randy Orton. Orton will clearly become the face of SmackDown now but the big question is, who will he feud with on the blue brand of the WWE?

It doesn’t appear “The Viper” will be turned into a heel anytime soon as he will now slide into Edge‘s old position as the top face on the SmackDown brand. With the lack of heels on the SmackDown brand currently you have to wonder who he will feud with in the coming months on the blue brand. Will use his talents as a top name in the company to help create a new star or will we see a top face take a heel turn? With that being said let’s take a look at some SmackDown stars that could be at the top of “The Viper’s” list on SmackDown.

[adinserter block=”2″] Wade Barrett – “The Viper” and Wade Barrett have a history against one another dating back to late 2010 when Barrett & he were feud over the WWE Championship. Orton would come out on top of this feud and didn’t really help establish Barrett as a big time heel as Wade has fallen off the radar shortly after his matches with Orton. The leader of The Corre could use a feud with Orton to help elevate his game rather then bury it.

With Alberto Del Rio gone off the SmackDown brand now it is Wade Barrett who is the most promising heel on the SmackDown brand, the WWE needs to cash in on what they helped build last year and make Barrett the major star that many people believe he can be. A good feud with Barrett coming out on top in a couple matches and making it a feud rather then a one sided feud is what will be good for the company in the long run. There is no better heel right now on SmackDown that can feud with Orton then Wade Barrett.

Cody Rhodes – Rey Mysterio is gone off of SmackDown so his feud with the former World Champion is now in the history books. Who better to feud with Randy Orton then someone who has faced “The Viper” at Wrestlemania? Times have completely changed for Cody Rhodes since then and he is now a future main eventer waiting in the wings. Orton can help take his former Legacy member to the next level with a good feud.

It will be Randy Orton’s job not only to be the top face on the SmackDown brand but to also help create new stars on the show that actually focuses on wrestling. Orton can help out the company greatly by making Cody Rhodes an interesting and believable heel. Cody Rhodes has begun to get the discussions from the fans in regards to one day being a World Champion, who better to test that theory with then Randy Orton.

Mark Henry – If you watched the end of Monday Night Raw this past Monday night you were just as shocked as me to see “The World’s Strongest Man” get another run at what appears to be a heel turn on the SmackDown brand. For all intensive purposes, Henry wasn’t a necessarily bad heel his last go around for the SmackDown side. While his matches aren’t memorable, he was a pretty good heel to then top faces of SmackDown, The Undertaker and Batista. So what not give him the ball again to see if he does what he did the last time and maybe even better?

The WWE has always seen potential in Mark Henry as being a top guy at random times in his career and this appears to be another one of those times. It really wouldn’t surprise me to see this be Randy Orton’s first feud on SmackDown (especially if Christian wins the World Championship) to establish him as a face on the brand. I would have really low expectations if this feud actually takes place so anything remotely good would surprise me in a positive light.

Ezekiel Jackson – For some reason I really like what “Zeke” brings to the table in the WWE and believe he can one day be a monster heel for the company. He obviously hasn’t reached that plateau yet and who knows if he ever will. But if WWE gives him the ball against Randy Orton he can easily make fans believe he can take out “The Viper.”

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Ezekiel Jackson is that old school looking monster heel that while he may never be World Champion material (just yet) and display the best matches (just yet), he can give a face like Orton a monster looking foe that fans will be emotionally concerned take out their beloved face. We’ve seen Shawn Michaels have that with Vader; Bret Hart with Yokozuna and Hogan have it with Andre The Giant. Will we see something similar once again on the SmackDown brand for Randy Orton?

Sheamus – The former WWE Champion is a safe bet to reboot his career on the SmackDown brand of the WWE. He has a history with Randy Orton dating back when they feuded over the WWE Champion and was actually a pretty good heel to Orton’s monster role as a face. Sheamus needed the change pretty badly and switching brand will do pretty well for his still young career. I would not be shocked if Sheamus gets another run as a World Champion on the SmackDown brand.

Now it’s up to the WWE Creative Team to tap into Sheamus and his potential. Putting him in a feud with Orton can help elevate his game to another level and put him back as a Main Eventer & World Title contender. He, alongside Wade Barrett are two of the favorites to be in feuds with Orton (again) on the SmackDown brand.

Alex Riley – Why not? He was paired with The Miz for a reason and the WWE obviously sees something in him as his season of NXT winner is no longer with the company (Low-Ki) & he still is. Riley may not be a major force of a heel right now, but he is one of those supplemental picks that has major potential.

While a feud with Orton doesn’t make sense right now, one down the road most definitely could. If creative gives Riley the ball he could very well be a top heel by Fall 2011. It very well could be Randy Orton who helps establish him as a pretty good heel for the SmackDown side.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ted DiBiase – Remember when I thought he was going to be the star to come out of legacy? Well that never really happened on the SmackDown brand and Cody Rhodes flourished more on the SmackDown side. Maybe a change of scenery is in order for this one-time potential main eventer.

Similar to Cody Rhodes, DiBiase has a history with Randy Orton with legacy. Ted DiBiase has the tools to be a major star in the company it’s just whether or not creative wants to tap into it. They obviously don’t up until now as DiBiase was secluded to Superstars. Here’s to hoping DiBiase’s career gets a rebirth on the SmackDown side and a potential big time heel run with Randy Orton could be in order.

When it’s all said and done what this blog has shown us the most is that there is trouble on the WWE roster. Whether it is mid-card or main event, there is a major gap on the WWE roster and it may be the worst we have ever seen it. What the WWE needs to accomplish is having their major stars (i.e. Randy Orton) help make these young superstars into megastars. The future of the WWE and the SmackDown brand is depending on it.

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