Who was Yrma Lydya? Mexican Singer Shot Dead by Her Husband


Yrma was just getting started with her career.

Budding Mexican artist Yrma Lydya was murdered on Thursday. Reports say that the 21-years-old singer was shot to death by her husband who was 79. The husband was accompanied by another person and the two have been detained after the singer’s death.

Yrma was just starting to make a career in the music industry. Gender violence is being claimed to be the motive behind her murder however things remain unclear. So who exactly was Yrma Lydya and what were the circumstances around her death?

Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Was Yrma Lydya?

Lydya was born in 2001 in Mexico City and was a mariachi musician by profession based in Mexico. She was also a dancer as well as an actress. She attended a private school during her early years. Lydya was the daughter of Carlos Quinones, who is the founder of Group Radio Communication, SA, and one of the most popular businessmen in Mexico.

Lydya was interested in music from an early age and her big break happened when she was 17. She got the chance to sing with Lucho Argain’s “Sonara Dinamita” on the song “El Viejo del Sombrero”. Yrma won a National Prize for Culture from the Senate of the Republic and she also received an honorary doctorate from the Chamber of Deputies.

How Did Lydya Die?

Lydya dies Thursday night at the Suntory Del Valle restaurant in the southern part of the city. She was apparently shot to death by her lawyer husband Jesús Hernández. Witness testimony stated that a gray-haired man shot the singer, who turned out to be his wife and the gray-haired man turned out to be Alcocer, 79.

Omar García Harfuch, Secretory of Security for Mexico City said: “A man shot his wife three times, he is already detained along with another woman who accompanied him”. Later on, Alcocer also tried to give bribe money to police in order to let him escape in the company of one of his security guards however, both Alcocer and his security guard were arrested.

Reason of Murder

According to El Universal, Lydya was participating in a presentation of Grandiosa 12, which is a series of concerts taking place in the United States which features popular Central and South American Singers like Maria Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villareal, and Dulce.

Alcocer has been reported to have faced extortion charges previously and the cause of Lydya’s death is being claimed to be an argument between the husband and wife that escalated. Lydya’s death comes off as another serious gender-based violence in Mexico City which has risen sharply over time.

Lydya was not a really famous name however she was very popular in her locality and had 9.7k followers on Instagram.


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