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CM PunkThere has only been one WWE Champion in all of 2012 and it’s almost July. When was the last time you could even say something like that in today’s wrestling landscape (side note: There have only been 3 World Champions in the WWE all of 2012)? To me, that is a huge success and a tip of the cap to the WWE & their creative team for giving us an old school booking style in today’s wrestling world. It’s also a great thing to see the WWE trust someone like CM Punk to carry the championship for almost 9 months.

A year ago at this time CM Punk set the wrestling world on fire with his “pipebomb promo” but that’s not what this week’s blog is about. Instead it’s about what CM Punk represented a year ago at this time, he represented refreshing the wrestling product and breathing new life into a company that has pushed the John Cena’s and Randy Orton’s of the world down the wrestling fan’s throat. By all things considered, CM Punk represented the wrestling fan with how he was being perceived on television and that’s what helped make him into a Champion that fans could believe & trust as a Champion.

But just like anything all things good come to an eventual end and the current CM Punk WWE Championship reign by all things considered is probably towards the decline of his reign rather then the beginning. Historically the WWE hasn’t had a Champion that’s gone nearly a year since John Cena in 2006 and prior to that it was Diesel in 1995, so it’s a probability that CM Punk may not make it till November 2012 as WWE Champion to reach that one year point, of course I’d like to see it but we have to think about today’s current wrestling product.

With that being said, when the time comes (calm down CM Punk fans I’m one too), who should beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship? Here is a list of wrestlers (in no particular order) who I think should win the WWE Championship from CM Punk:

Daniel Bryan:

Want to make fans happy with CM Punk actually losing the WWE Championship? Well then dropping the title to Daniel Bryan will make fans peaceful with the terrific CM Punk World Title reign coming to an end. Daniel Bryan is looked at by the fans the way CM Punk was looked at one year ago. They know he is a former World Champion that when given the chance to have another reign, can carry this company as its leader.

Like Punk, Bryan paid his dues on the independent wrestling scene during a time when the wrestling world had its eyes really close on the actual scene, a “golden era” of sorts. Fans have always known that Daniel Bryan was World Championship material and getting the title from CM Punk is almost poetic. Plus, getting a CM Punk/Daniel Bryan match is always a good thing in the eyes of the wrestling fan.

Dolph Ziggler:

I don’t think there is any other wrestler more popular with the “die hard fans” (other then Punk & Bryan) like Dolph Ziggler has received in recent months. The beauty of professional wrestling has always been that the fans have picked their World Champions before the creative team ever did or thought of. They did it with CM Punk & Daniel Bryan and they are doing it again with Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler is a “throwback character” to the 90s as he has that “Mr. Perfect flash” to his persona that attracts fans to his ability in the ring and on the mic. It’s easy to tell in professional wrestling when a star is in the making and Dolph Ziggler is that guy right now. Just like Daniel Bryan, should the WWE drop the title off of CM Punk, they will be happy with Dolph Ziggler getting the victory and the nod as WWE Champion.

Cody Rhodes:

Just like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes is a “throwback wrestling persona,” go figure since his father is “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and his brother is Dustin “Goldust” Runnels. Rhodes is a tremendous wrestling talent inside the ring and on the microphone, proving to be one of the best current heels in professional wrestling today. He has been poised for a WWE Championship run at some point this year and it wouldn’t be a shock to the WWE fans if achieves such a goal.

I can already here fans clamoring over a CM Punk/Cody Rhodes feud simply because it’s fresh, new, exciting and it pits two “new” stars feuding at the top of the card rather then ANOTHER CM Punk/John Cena feud (please don’t make this happen at SummerSlam 2012 WWE). Just like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler prior, the WWE fans will be perfectly fine with Cody Rhodes getting the big win and becoming WWE Champion over CM Punk. The fans would feel this way because they see Rhodes as a future WWE Champion while they are sick & tired of the same ol’ “run of the mill” champions like a Cena or Big Show.

In closing, if the WWE wants to put the cherry on the top of the current CM Punk WWE Championship reign then it’s only fitting for the torch to be passed onto another future top star rather then Punk dropping the gold to John Cena, The Big Show or Randy Orton. A true wrestling fan looks at a WWE Championship reign by what the Champion did during his reign and who he helped put over. Punk giving the rub to these three deserving stars when the time comes to drop the Championship could make it one of the greatest WWE Championship reigns ever.

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