Who should be the next Paul Heyman guy?


I was watching WrestleMania V last week and I have to say that after 25 years it is still my favorite WrestleMania. I have never sat down to analyze the quality of the matches but it was the first PPV I ever saw and it is the reason I still watch at 33. I know that most people will remember that event as the day the Mega Powers exploded, but if you watch it closely you will see that Hogan and Savage are not the only stars of the show.

[adinserter block=”1″]In fact there is someone who was involved in more matches than anyone else on the card. I am talking about none other than the WWF/WWE’s favorite weasel, Bobby “the brain” Heenan. Heenan was part of 5 matches that night which comes out to 36% of the show. I am not sure how many minutes he was actually out there but that is five times more involvement than any of the other talent that was at Trump Plaza that night. The Heenan family is one of the greatest stables in wrestling history.

So why would bring all of that up? I believe that we have the making of another “family” dynasty. Ladies and gentlemen my I introduce to you the Heyman’s henchmen. Ok, so the name needs a little work. I like how the WWE is mixing factions like the new Corporation and the Wyatt family with the classic manager stables like the guys working for Paul Heyman and I think that there is potential with Zeb Colter as well.

It works better than having 5 or 6 factions like we saw in the late 90’s. NOD, DOA, DX, Los Boricuas, The Corporation, The Ministry of Darkness, the Corporate Ministry and the list goes on. I am not even sure what happened to all of the members of DOA and Los Boricuas. I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole, let’s get back to the issue at hand. Who should be the next Paul Heyman guys? He is not going to be able to live on Curtis Axel alone and Brock is great for 4 days a year. I say guys because I would like to see him mentoring 2 to 3 more superstars. Maybe another singles competitor and possibly a tag team of sorts.

Rob Van Dam-
This is an easy one even though I am not sure how the fans would take to RVD turning heel. I think that it would be the best thing for him; maybe he can do a series with Punk after he is done with Axel. Mr. Monday night was once one of Paul E’s “children” maybe that is the new angle, but I am not a booker so we move on. I don’t think the current writers know what to do with RVD and putting him in meaningless feuds for titles he won’t hold is wasting everyone’s time and of RVD’s in ring talent.

Brodus Clay- Somebody call my mamma! I have to say that I like Clay a lot and I would love to see him in a character that is a little more ruthless. This name seems out of left field but I think that he has the size and look to do some real damage as a heel. Maybe wipe the tattoos off of A-Trains face and maybe repackage them as a real tag team. Either way I would like to see Clay do something else and this might be his nitch. He can look pretty mean when the fur comes off.

Ezekiel Jackson- Now I have to admit that I have not seen him wrestle too much but he has the look of someone that can be real dangerous. With Lesner gone most of the time Heyman needs some more muscle and Jackson looks the part. He is big, bad and no one really knows him. They could bring him in as a new character and I don’t think that fans would really know. Heyman and Jackson would be working with a clean slate.

The Miz- I think the Miz is a good fit to be the top guy in the stable. He is better as a heel anyway and he is easy to hate. He has already been on top so he can be a believable star. I think that Heyman gives him the credibility to start working his way out of mid card matches with Faaaaandaaaaaangoooo!

[adinserter block=”2″]As I look at this list I see that these names seen pretty random which is why I think they would work. Let me know what you think, who should be the next Paul Heyman guy?

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  1. I stand corrected. I am glad that they added a new guy to the Heyman family and I suppose I can live with Rybeck. I just wish they had not dinked around with him for so long before finding a home. Maybe they won't let him talk anymore, that would be great and I think he is more "dangerous" than Axel. It might be good. I can admit it, I was wrong.

  2. How about bring back Mr. Anderson? I am not sure how he left the company, but he gives you mic control and is a complished wrestler with no history with Punk or anyone that anyone would remember. You know how Vince loves too screw with other companies and this could be a win win for him and put another brick on the soon to be grave of TNA.

    • I never even thought about free agents when I was writing this, I love that idea. I think he needs another big guy because Brock is part time.

      • Barrett could work but I think he would need some time off to repackage. I don't like Rybeck becuase I think his new character as been a bit a disaster. I think that it would be to obvious if he worked with Heyman and what do you do when Brock is back. It's like having a watered down version of Brock. It could work but I think like Barrett, Rybeck would need to leave and come back

    • I like Antonio but I think that the Real Americans can be their own group. I think that ADR should join them. Caesaro isn't American and it works. I am not thoughts on this but I don't have room

  3. Barrett can be a decent addition too. but with his present status it will be tough to believe him going against Punk. With a little build from Heyman and WWE, Barrett can be a better option as a Heyman guy.


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