Who Said CM Punk Is Not The Top WWE Star?


CM Punk heel turnWhat happened before the Big Bang is of no interest as it has no implication on time and space after the Big Bang!”

[adinserter block=”2″]A few weeks back I wrote why Punk was not destined to be the No.1 guy in WWE. Seems like I was both right and wrong!

‘Right’ because, WWE did something about it and ‘wrong’ because after watching the 1000th Ep of Raw, it looks like Punk is indeed the number one guy as far as angles go! I mean, you had DX reunion, sultry Lita (why did she ever have to leave?) Brock Lesnar (what I wouldn’t give to see him kick Helmsley’s a#$!) and even the Rock (though the crowd just didn’t care!) on the show. But all people really wanted to see was what WWE would do with Punk!

It’s true that during the Main Event, Cena was getting more legitimate pops than Punk. Punk’s pops were more of a reaction to Cena’s (whatever might be the reason). But then, when Punk laid the smack down on the Rock, the crowd was dying to erupt! Punk celebrating against ‘cult of personality’ would have probably blown the roof of the place. But Punk did nothing of that sort. He just picked up the belt as though he really valued it and slowly walked away. It was a damn good ending even though I would have liked it had he stayed in the ring and milked the silence a bit.

To me the whole new Punk angle is just perfect. As I had hoped, this could be the second opening for Punk and I wish WWE would do things right by him this time around. Because it’s pretty clear that poor ratings or not, WWE has grander plans for Punk and he might actually be headed for the top slot with this new angle!

The heel turn would work great for Punk and was evidenced by the fact that when he laid out the Rock, it was believable; which was hardly ever the case during his babyface days. It was believable because Punk looked desperate and aggressive. The conflicted look simply did it for me. It was the look of a man who knew how formidable he really was; something that was completely missing during his Babyface run. That means next time he is in the ring with the Big Shows and the Mark Henrys I would have no issues buying into his victories even if they are squash!

But having said that I hope they won’t turn him into an absolute heel; the sneaky kind that goes for cheap underhanded victories. He should ideally display the same attitude and aggression that he displayed just before MITB 2011 when there were no plans to turn him face! It’s essential cause that would keep his legitimacy intact and when time comes, he would be ready for a better and credible face turn, if need be!

[adinserter block=”1″]Before I wrap up, I want to say this about the WWE. No matter how unpalatable their shows degenerate into at times, WWE just keeps on pulling rabbits out of their hats. The Nexus storyline, the Christian – Orton story line, Punk turning face, Brock Lesnar back on Raw and now Punk turning heel – to say nothing of Chris Jericho’s face turn; there is always something cooking at the WWE. Any time’s dinner time!’

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  1. Looks to me that the WWE are just cowards…they decided that Cena was the only face that could survive so they turned Punk because they're too scared to have two faces go against eachother. It's just handing Cena everything once again, and he'll win everything in the end like he always does. Boring boring boring.


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