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Who Is Xavier Alexander Musk? Elon’s Child Seeks Name Change to Sever Ties with Father

Alex wants to cut off all relationships with her father after changing her name.

Xavier Alexander Musk, Billionaire Elon Musk’s transgender daughter has reportedly filed a request to have her name changed. This decision of hers came from her new gender identity and her wish to no longer be related to her biological father Musk.

So who exactly is Xavier Alexander Musk and what are the circumstances leading to this decision of hers? And how does the process work if she wants her name changed by her new gender identity? Today we tell you everything we know about it.

Here are the details:

Who Is Xavier Alexander Musk?

Vivian Wilson, formerly known as Xavier Musk was born in 2004 to Elon Musk and his ex-wife Justine Wilson. Musk married Canadian author Justine in 2000 and got divorced in 2008. Vivian has a twin brother Griffin Musk. Both Griffin and Vivian had an older sister Nevada who was born in 2002. However, she died just 10 weeks after her birth due to a sudden infant death syndrome.

What Is the Filed Request About?

Alexander recently turned 18 and reached the age of consent in California. Right after, she filed a petition for a name change as well as a new birth certificate to the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in Santa Monica. This incident is surfacing now but it apparently happened back in April.

According to her petition, she wants the court to change her gender from male to female as well as register a new name Vivian Jenna Wilson, taking her mother’s last name in the process. The hearing for her petition is scheduled for Friday, 24 June.

What Is the Reason?

The official reason that Vivian stated when asked about her petition to change her name is her wish to be recognized as a female. She said: “Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape, or form.”

Her actions also come as her wish to lose any and all association with her biological father Elon Musk. Her new name Vivian was redacted in the online document. Other than that, no explanation was given about the rumored rift between Vivian and her father Elon, the chief of Tesla and SpaceX.

No reaction or response was given from a lawyer or representative from Elon’s side. However, Elon has been supportive of the various transgender issues but he came under controversy in 2020 after criticizing the preferred pronouns of transgenders.

He tweeted: “I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare” and “Pronouns suck.” Elon also tweeted that he loves all his children very much.



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