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Who is Wrestler Kimber Lee? Nash Carter’s Wife Shares Pics of Alleged Domestic Abuse

Nash Carter has been released by WWE after alleged domestic abuse.

Nash Carter, who was the tag-team champion in NXT was released by WWE on April 6 Wednesday. This incident occurred after domestic violence and emotional abuse allegations were put on him by his wife Kimber Lee.

Kimber also happens to be a rival wrestler in promotion. Kimber apparently shared a picture that claimed that domestic violence was attempted on her. So who really is Kimber Lee and what are the circumstances of these incidents.

Here is everything we know so far about it:

Who is Kimber Lee?

Kimberly Lee or Kimberly Ann Green is a professional wrestler from America and is currently signed with Impact wrestling. She has been known for her work in independent circuits in both America and internationally. She has been known in the independent circuits mostly as part of the group called The Kimber Bombs as well as Cherry Bomb.

She is most prominently known for holding the Shine Tag Team Championship as well the Shimmer Tag Team Championship and has also formerly held the title of WSU Tag Team Championship besides Annie Social. She has also held the Chikara Grand Championship under the name Princess Kimberlee.

What is the Allegation About?

Nash and Kimber Lee were dating by 2019 and the two got engaged by August of the same year. Then a year later in May 2020, the couple got married but now it looks like the marriage is about to come to an end this year.

The former American professional wrestler’s wife Kimber went to Twitter and claimed that she was given the divorce papers by her husband on Monday. She claimed that she was abused domestically by Nash and had proper proof to prove her point.

She said on Twitter: “Hey @WWENXT this is my face after your tag champ @NashCarterWWE got wasted and hit me so hard he split my lip open. He told me I’m a wrestler so I’m always marked up. I’ve hid this for a year and even forgave him. But I can’t hide it anymore.”

And that wasn’t the only thing, she continued her claim with another tweet and some pictures and said: “Just another look into the kind of person @NashCarterWWE is….@WWENXT @wwe I’ve hid so much for so long because I was so mentally abused. Not to mention the countless anti LGBTQIA+ statements him and his family make…..” 

How Much of It is True?

Despite all of Kimber’s claims, not all of the Twitter people are buying it, and especially the fans of Nash are not buying Kimber’s claims. One user commented about how every story has two sides and criticized her claims.

Twitter is still divided after this incident and the controversy continues.



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