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Who Is Whitney Henriquez? Amber Heard’s Sister to Testify at Depp Vs. Heard Trial

Each legal team might be questioning her on different events.

The legal between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become a saga that has been unfolding for years now. However, most recently, that battle has heated up so much that they have the attention of the whole world. Johnny has sued Amber for $50 million under the premise of defamation.

The most recent development in the lawsuit involved Amber taking the stand and testifying against Depp. Now the name that has surfaced in the long list of names showing up in the trail is Amber Heard’s own sister Whitney Henriquez.

So who exactly is Amber’s sister and how has she been connected to the ongoing situation at the defamation trial. Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Is Whitney Henriquez?

Whitney is the younger sister of Amber Heard. Whitney is currently 34-years-old and was born to David Clinton Heard and Patricia Paige. She is younger than Amber by one and a half years. Whitney’s Instagram account shows that she is married to Gavin Henriquez and has two children with him.

Whitney is known to have some experience in acting and also has an IMDb profile which says that she has one credit in Homo Erectus, a 2007 film.

Whitney’s Claims Before the Lawsuit

This is not the first time that Whitney will be taking the stand in the legal battle between Johnny and Amber. Whitney has previously testified on behalf of her sister back in 2020 when Johnny sued The Sun and its’ journalist Dan Wootton for calling him a “wife-beater” in an article published on the newspaper’s website.

At that time Whitney claimed that she requested Amber to not marry Johnny after finding out about his aggression towards Heard. She claimed at that time that Johnny started hitting Amber earlier on in their relationship after she found bruises on Amber’s face.

She said: “I remember saying to him: ‘Why did you f**king have to hit her?’ Sometimes he would flat out deny it or downplay it by saying, ‘No, I just pushed her, I didn’t hit her.’ Other times, he would acknowledge that he had hit her, but would try to justify it, by claiming she hit him first or ‘she called me a pu**y…”.

What Does Whitney’s Testimony Mean for the Case?

Whitney’s testimony could very well be a game-changer of the lawsuit for any side as long as the side wins the questioning battle. In the case of Amber’s team, they will most likely question Whitney about when she saw bruises on Amber’s face. As for Johnny’s team, they are bound to question her about the time when Amber accepted that she hit Johnny while he had a conflict with Whitney.

The lawyers on both sides have this great chance to come very closer to victory if their questioning goes right. It will be interesting to see how the events regarding Whitney’s testimony fold out.



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