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Who Is Selen Us? All About Vance Joy’s Girlfriend

Australian singer and songwriter Vance Joy recently released his latest song “Missing Piece” which was certified double platinum and was also featured in the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. In a recent interview, Vance revealed that her latest love interest Selen Us is the inspiration behind “Missing Piece”.

He talked about how he used his own life and his long-distance relationship with Selen as an inspiration to write the song and also featured the lyrics that talk about his real-life experience while dating Selen. Vance’s fans are now really curious about who Selen is and how is the singer’s dating life with her.

Today we tell you everything we know about Selen Us and her relationship with Vance Joy. Here are the details:

Who Is Selen Us?

Selen Us, the girlfriend of Vance Joy is a freelance graphic designer by profession based in Spain. Not much is known about her and she does not even have a Wikipedia page. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is currently in the position of Senior Art Director at Apartment Studios, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

She has worked for Elle magazine previously and has been the Senior Art Director at RoAndCo Studio. Her website shows that she received her BA in sociology from the Koc university and a Master’s in Graphic Design from Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

According to her portfolio, she claims that: “I aim to create new visual and digital experiences and test the boundaries of communication for almost a decade.” She has been freelancing for multiple studios over the years of her career. Other than that, not much is known about her personal life.

Vance Talks About Dedicating His Album to Selen

In a recent interview with Who, Vance talked about his latest album and also his inspiration behind many songs in the album catalog. When asked if Selen has a favorite track in his albums Vance said: “There’s a song called ‘This One’, which kind of describes when we met for the first time.”

He added: “She was wearing a red rain jacket and, I mean, the song kind of takes on a little bit of a storyline of its own, but a lot of the lyrics in that really happened, especially the verses. So I sent that to her not long after I wrote it. It was slightly differently arranged, but I think that song has a special place for her.”

Vance and Selen

Vance and Selen met a few days before Vance’s Pink tour back in 2019. HE was in Barcelona for the tour and he met Selen in June. When asked about how he feels about the long-distance relationship with her, Vance said: “…you prioritize the connection and other things fall into place. It was definitely meeting someone unexpected in an unexpected place, and it’s definitely worked out quite well.”

You can stream Vance’s latest album “In Our Own Sweet Time” can be streamed on all music platforms.



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