Who Is Nicolas Ribs? Magician Stuns Judges on America’s Got Talent


This year’s AGT is certainly very competitive.

America’s Got Talent this year is witnessing some incredibly talented individuals who have consistently taken everyone including the judges by surprise. And when you think of surprise, what better way than using magic could be. We are talking about one such individual today.

Nicolas Ribs, a magician showed up on America’s Got Talent 2022’s season and certainly pulled off one of the best auditions ever. NBC released a preview for the upcoming episode featuring Nicolas performing magic in a mind-blowing manner.

Read on to find out more about the supposed magician who has the world’s attention now. Here is everything we know:

Who Is Nicolas Ribs?

Nicolas has always been interested in magic from an early age, at first, he used to do it in his spare time but soon things changed. According to Nicolas’ daughter Emma, he left his original job as an audiologist at the age of 20 in order to fully invest in magic and learn more and more.

As written on his website, Nicolas suffered from a sports accident at the age of 16 which left him completely immobile for a long while. At that time a “spark was born” which led him to decide that he wanted to be a magician. He came across magic during his rehabilitation and once he got out of it, he quit his job to pursue magic full-time.

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Nicolas’ Audition

At the beginning of his performance, Nicolas was introduced by his daughter to the judge and audience because being of French accent, he was not that fluent in English. Emma explained his backstory to the judges and also shared that she was the one who pushed him into coming to America’s Got Talent.

Emma said: “Actually I am a huge fan of the show, so I told him that if he wants to participate in the greatest show in the world, he has to audition to ‘America’s Got Talent’, so there we are”. Soon after Ribbs’ audition began and he was quick to surprise everyone.

He started with a close-up magic act using disappearing and reappearing objects. A table in front of him projected an image on which Nicolas transformed 2D images into 3D objects in his hand and was very fast in turning them. He turned rubber balls, tennis balls, as well as playing cards.

The judges and audience were swooned by his performance and they all gave him a standing ovation which made a bright smile turn up on the magician’s face.

Not His First Rodeo

This is not the first time Nicolas has taken up a huge stage to impress the audience. He was a competitor in France’s version of the show called “La France a un incroyable talent”. There he made it to the semi-final round in 2019’s season 14. Throughout the competition, he only used a deck of cards to pave his way to the semi-finals.

Here’s looking forward to seeing more of Nicolas’ amazing magic!


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