Who is Mia Morris? A Multi-Instrumentalist Singer-Songwriter on AGT


The famous reality Television show America’s Got Talent witnessed something very surprising recently. The reality show that entertains young and old beautiful singers every year, was amazed by a contestant who was a band in herself.

Musical Mia Morris participated in the audition rounds that are being held. In the fifth episode of the same, Morris appeared and impressed the judges. Not only the judges but also the live audience was completely enthralled by Morris’s performance. She is a multi-talented singer who also writes songs.

Additionally, Morris also plays certain instruments and that makes her a whole band herself.

America’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum were all blown away by Morris’s performance. Voot’s show AGT has been airing since 2006 and has hosted a spree of talented singers.

The show has seen 17 seasons in total and also several judges including Ariana Grande, Mel B, etc. However, only a few of the talented contestants make the news and Mia Morris is among them.

As soon as the 17-year-old musician went viral people started anticipating who is Mia Morris and her music career. So let us know more about this “one woman band”.

Who is Mia Morris?

Mia is a 17-year-old musician who belongs to Indianapolis. Morris is based in Nashville and started singing at a very young age. Surprisingly, Mia does not have any singing background in her family and she would be the first generation singer in her family. Despite not coming from a musical household, the AGT contestant’s parents saw her ability at a very young age.

When she was barely 10 years old, she started playing the drums and even studied with Indianapolis musician Wade Parrish. When her parents discovered her skill, they supported the idea of her relocating to Nashville. The singer said in an interview with Main Street Nashville that it was her father who first recognized her love of drums and bought her a drum set.

She lists rock as one of her favorite musical genres, mainly because playing rock songs on the drums is enjoyable. The musician plays multiple instruments and composes all of his own music. The AGT candidate is a songwriter who also sings, plays instruments, mixes, records, and produces all of her own music. She can play the guitar extremely well in addition to the drums.

Mia Morris’s Musical Career

Mia featured on Ryan and Kelly and toured with Calista Clark. She performed alongside Kalie Shorr. Duet with Bailey James. The AGT contestant sings independently because she cherishes her freedom. Mia’s basement studio. Her pals inspire her music.

Stephen Curry exposed Mia to excellent songwriters, she said. She wrote 3-4 songs a week. Her rage inspired her songs. The AGT contestant has over 50K YouTube subscribers and over 24K Instagram followers. Fu2, Melodramatic, Gotta be Something, etc.

Season 17 of America’s Got Talent had exceptional participants and lived up to its status as the most popular reality talent show on TV.


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