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Who is Melanie Inglessis? Amber Heard’s Makeup Artist Who Testified About Covering Bruises

Amidst the ongoing defamation trial between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, a new phase was revealed. The trial that has gained massive media attention since its beginning, is shocking us each passing day. In a new testimony that was conducted by the trial court in the defamation suit, Amber Heard’s makeup artist has testified.

Melanie Inglessis, the makeup artist of Amber Heard was called to the court for her testimony. In the statements made in Infront of the court of law, Melanie has testified all the claims made by Heard in her defense. However, Melanie is not the first person who has testified for Heard. Earlier, Heard’s friends Raquel ‘Rocky’ Pennington and iO Tillett Wright also testified. However, it is not confirmed whether this will strengthen Heard’s case or not.

Melanie in her testimony claimed that as her makeup artist she helped Amber in covering up the bruises she incurred due to violence by Johnny. Even Amber’s friends and her sister claimed that Amber was the victim of domestic violence practiced by Depp on her. However, the world and the documentary evidence tell a whole together different story of this trial.

Several documentary pieces of evidence including recordings reveal how Heard was mentally and physically abusing Depp for a considerable period. Then how come the makeup artist testified to Amber’s claims. Let us know who actually is Melanie Inglessis and what did she testify?

Who is Melanie Inglessis?

Melanie is a cosmetics artist and lecturer from France and also a mother. She has worked with well-known directors and photographers like Rankin and Jonas Kerlund, according to Hollywood Life. Melanie has done makeup on celebs including Ruth Negga and Julianne Hough, as seen in some of her Instagram images.

Melanie recently become a United States citizen and shared a boomerang on it too. She has also worked with several other famous celebrities and brands. Melanie also has a makeup brand of her own called Melanie makeup.

Melanie’s Testimony

Melanie testified on Wednesday that she covered up Amber’s bruises before her 2015 appearance on James Corden’s Late Late Show. “I just did makeup, just a little thicker,” she added, according to Hollywood Life. We used a somewhat heavier concealer to hide the discoloration or bruises, one with a peach undertone that I would not typically use on Amber, but peach cancels blue, so I used it beneath the eyes.

“Though Amber normally wears a red lip, it’s one of her defining looks, I recall talking to Amber about how we had no other alternative that night except to use a red blood… a bright red lipstick to ensure we could conceal the lip damage” Melanie admitted in court that working with Amber was “extremely consuming,” so she opted not to continue working with her.



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