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Who Is Kaitlin Armstrong? Yoga Teacher Accused of Killing Pro-Cyclist Moriah Wilson

Moriah was killed because of a possible love triangle.

Texas authorities have started a manhunt for Kaitlin Marie Armstrong who is wanted for having a connection with the murder of professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson. According to reports, the now-dead cyclist was apparently romantically involved with Kaitlin’s boyfriend.

Also, apparently, Kaitlin was detained by cops earlier under a misdemeanor charge however she was free later. Soon after, a warrant for a manhunt of Armstrong was issued but Kaitlin was nowhere to be found after that.

Here is everything we know so far:

What Is Armstrong Wanted for?

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 34 has been charged with first-degree murder after pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson, 25 was found shot and dead. Wilson, also known as Mo was found bleeding and unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds while she was staying at a friend’s house on May 11.

Autopsy declared that it was a homicide and emergency measures by first responders were fruitless and she was pronounced dead. Austin police claimed the shooting was not a random act and was done by a person of interest.

The U.S. Marshals issued a manhunt for Armstrong after she was found a suspect in the fatal shooting of Moriah.

Who Is Kaitlin Armstrong?

Kaitlin Armstrong is supposed to be a resident of Texas. According to the affidavit in her wanted poster, Kaitlin is a yoga teacher, real estate broker, and amateur cyclist. She worked at Wheelhouse Mobile, a company that designs and builds vintage trailers.

After she was declared wanted and a massive manhunt was issued, authorities claimed that she deleted all her social media accounts. Authorities have evidence that supports the claim that Kaitlin was the shooter.

How Is Kaitlin Related to the Murder?

Kaitlin and Moriah have both dated cyclist Colin Strickland who is at the center of this case. The murder is related to a love triangle between the three. According to the police, Strickland had a fling with Moriah while he was on a break with Armstrong. However, apparently, Strickland still continued to remain friends with Moriah and spend time with her even after he got back with Kaitlin.

Kaitlin was not aware of the fling occurring in October but she was furious when she found out in January next year. A tipster has revealed that Kaitlin was furious and called a friend and vented that she was so angry that she wanted to kill Moriah.

On the night of Moriah’s death, she apparently had a planned pool date with Strickland but Kaitlin soon found out and apparently shot Moriah after. Police have found Kaitlin’s black jeep leaving the vicinity of the house Moriah was shot at during the time of her death.

Moments after the car was spotted, Moriah’s friend came home and found her dead with multiple shot wounds. Kaitlin is currently on the run.



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