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Who Is Harper Hempel? NBA Star Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend

The two made a huge splash back in 2020 with a viral video.

Jamal Murray is one of the well-known names as well as a massively talented player in the NBA. The 25-years-old athlete used to play with the Kentucky Wildcats but was later drafted to the Denver Nuggets. His talent led him to be the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft of 2016 and his talents have only risen ever since.

However, our topic of discussion is another reason that made him viral which he is not really proud of. Back in March 2020, an explicit video was shared through the Instagram account of the athlete which featured his girlfriend Harper Hempel giving him fellatio.

So who exactly is Harper Hempel and how did this event unfold? Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Is Harper Hempel?

Harper Hempel was born on 30 August 1997 in Kentucky, USA. She graduated in business from the Gatton School at the University of Kentucky. Later on, she finished her majors in Marketing and Digital Media. She joined the volleyball team while she was at the University and played for three years.

Harper is now a famous internet personality and loves to travel a lot. Her social media is full of pictures and videos featuring her traveling around the world. Her father Rich Hempel is a major figure in the basketball world and the CEO of eCoach Sports.

Harper is also a photographer and owns a company in Kentucky. She also often works as a social media consultant. Since March 2020 she has been working as a Social Media Community Manager at Fact & Fiction.

Harper and Jamal

Jamal and Harper met during their study at the University of Kentucky. They have been dating ever since Harper was a sophomore at the University. Soon Jamal had to move to Denver after he was drafted into the NBA but Harper stayed behind and completed her college and continued playing volleyball.

The couple has kept their relationship life as private as possible and rarely ever share intimate photos or videos together. None of the posts on their respective accounts show that they have been dating for a long time.

Despite keeping things private, the couple was pulled into a controversy when an explicit video was uploaded on Jamal’s social media account. The video featured Harper giving oral sex to Jamal whose face was not visible in the video. According to them, apparently, it was the work of hackers and both of them deleted their social media accounts after that.

Despite their claims, many people questioned if it was really the work of hackers and not an intentional attempt to gain fame. Despite everything, the two are still together and keeping their life as private as possible.



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