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Who is G Flip? Everything to Know About Chrishell Stause’s Partner

Netflix’s famous reality show Selling Sunset’s fame Chrishell Stause has revealed and confirmed that she is dating rapper G flip. The rapper is non-binary and their real name is Georgia Claire Flipo. The news broke in when Stause revealed the same in an interview during her promotions.

“You don’t get to select where you meet someone,” Stause remarked. You don’t get to decide when you meet someone for the first time in their life. Recently, I met someone who is also in a distinct stage of their life. I’ve recently spent a lot of time with someone extremely important to me. G Flip is their name. They are a really skilled musician that goes by they/them [pronouns] because they are non-binary.”

Stause’s personal, specifically her love life has always been a complex factor for her. Stause initially dated Jason Oppenheim, who was her co-star in her reality show only. Stause has also gone through a rough divorce with American actor Justin Hartley, in 2019. Since then Stause has been very particular about her dating life.

However, it seems like she is enjoying the love and company of G flip. Huge news for Stause and G’s fans is also lined up as the couple will be releasing their new single “Get me outta here”. It has also been reported that the couple met on the sets of the musician new only.

Since then their love has been sparked and subsequently, they started dating together. Stause has always been vocal about her love for G flip. She added how she is surprised concerning the romance that is sparking between them. She stated that “It’s just that nothing has changed for me.” She continued, “I’m still drawn to masculine energy and a wonderful human.”

“I’ve heard individuals say stuff like ‘I knew from a young age,’ but that’s not me. I’m just really open to positive energy, and I’m not sure what my future contains, but it’s a difficult topic to discuss”, she further added.

Who is G- Flip?

Georgia Claire Flipo is G Flip’s true name. They are a 27-year-old Australian vocalist that signed with Future Classic, an indie record company, in 2018. The singer is also a songwriter and can play bass, guitar, drums, and keys.

In 2019, they were nominated for three ARIA awards (Australia’s Grammys), with their debut album About You receiving nominations for breakthrough artist and independent release. G Flip recently commented on Instagram about being non-binary, expressing their response when a kid’s TV show asked them how it felt to be non-binary.

“If strawberries were girls and blueberries were guys and you placed them in a blender, you’d get a gender smoothie,” G Flip wrote in a Tweet. “I’m a mix of genders. For every nonbinary person it is different,” they wrote in the caption, “personally I feel like a gender smoothie tho [sic].”



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