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Who Is AleXa? Oklahoma Born K-Pop Singer Wins First-Ever American Song Contest

AleXa has achieved ultimate success with her new song “Wonderland”.

NBC’s first season of the American Song Contest has declared its first winner for the first season. AleXa, representing Oklahoma has been declared the winner for her fabulous performance of her song “Wonderland”.

AleXa not only won the competition but also the hearts of all the viewers of the show. Her performance of the electro-pop song “Wonderland” was something you just couldn’t take your eyes off. AleXa’s win was mostly because of the viewers’ votes which helped her beat all other competitors.

So who exactly is AleXa and how did she become the first-ever winner of the popular show? Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Is AleXa?

Formerly, Alex Christine, Alexandra Christine Schneiderman is an American singer, performer, and actress however, she is based in South Korea. Alexandra is popularly and professionally known as AleXa.

Born on 9 December 1996, AleXa started getting dance lessons in multiple genres from the young age of 18 months including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap dancing. She started getting attention from the world after she created an Instagram and Snapchat account where she used to cover her favorite K-pop choreography and songs.

AleXa released her latest album Tattoo on 6 January this year which was a great hit among her fans and then she proceeded to take part in NBC’s American Song Contest on March 3 which she eventually ended up winning on 9th May.

AleXa’s Victory

At the end of the jury count, Allen Stone representing Washington was in the lead with 105 points for his performance on “A Little Bit of Both”. AleXa with her “Wonderland” performance was in fifth place with 60 points.

Then came the count for viewers’ votes and it changed everything. AleXa suddenly became at the top with an addition of 656 points and 710 in total. Meanwhile, Allen received 254 points and became a fifth place and AleXa ended up becoming the final winner.

AleXa’s Reaction to Winning

On winning the competition, AleXa told Billboard: “It felt like my brain exploded when the results were revealed. My mother was holding onto my arm and she was crying and shaking and so I cried with her.”

AleXa also took to Twitter to share her excitement and happiness of becoming the first-ever winner of the contest’s season 1. She said in a tweet: “Thank you so much to every single person working behind the scenes. The songwriters, my fellow contestants, my friends, family, & loved ones…Zanybros & ZB Label…and my fellow Oklahomans- thank you for supporting me!! A.I TROOPERS I LOVE YOU!”.

It will be interesting to see the future endeavors that AleXa will be heading towards.



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