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Who Is 070 Shake? Everything to Know About Kehlani’s Girlfriend

It’s official folks!

Don’t you just love it when long-term rumors come out to be true in the end? Well, something like that has just happened with Kehlani’s life. Kehlani has been rumored to have been dating singer-rapper 070 Shake but neither of them ever really confirmed the rumors a hundred percent and only kept teasing the fans.

However, in a new collaboration between the two, Kehlani took it upon herself to officially reveal that she is dating the rapper and confirmed it by telling her fans that the music video of their latest collaboration was real-life inspired and also confessed her love for 070 Shake.

So how long exactly has the relationship between the two been going on and what more do we know about their relationship and about 070 Shake? All your answers lie in this post. Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Is 070 Shake?

070 Shake’s real name is Danielle Balbuena and she is a rapper and singer based in America. The rapper born on 13 June 1997 is part of 070, a musical collective behind the mixtape called The 070 Project: Chapter 1 released in 2016.

She is popularly known for her guest appearance and involvement in Kanye’s album in songs like “Ghost Town” and “Violent Crimes”. Her debut studio album titled Modus Vivendi was released in 2020. When asked about her interest in girls and her sexuality the rapper said: “I don’t really identify myself as queer or gay or anything. I just like girls”.

Kehlani and 070 Shake

Kehlani and 070 recently collaborated on their newest project and song “melt”. Through the music video of the song that was recently just recently, the singer finally confirmed that she was dating 070 Shake. The beautiful music video was co-directed by the two and it featured the couples portraying the various stages of a dreamy romance.

In the music video, Kehlani and Shake could be seen sharing some intimate moments including kisses, playing with laundry, and falling in love in front of the camera. The lyrics of the song also talked about their feelings for each other: “I wonder when they see just one, do they see us two? That’s when I melt into you.”

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Kehlani then shared the video on her Instagram profile and confirmed to her fans that the music video was based on her real life and captioned it with “a true story”. Then she posted another photo with her lover on her account where she said: “@070shake iLoveyou.”

This basically confirmed that the two were really dating and the fans and acquaintances of the two went absolutely nuts in the comments and complimented their music video. The rumors of the two datings have been surfacing since 2021 September and they have been spotted together many times since then.

Melt is the latest video song from Kehlani’s album “Blue Water Road” released on 29 April.



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