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Who Dies in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2: Theories and Speculations

At this point, nobody is safe from Vecna.

The long-awaited season 4 of Stranger Things finally premiered on 27 May but it seems that it was released in two parts and fans now have to wait for July 1 to see the second volume of the season. The excitement is higher than ever and the biggest question in everybody’s mind is who will die in the next episodes?

It’s no understatement to say that season 4 has been darker and more gruesome than any other previous season. They are killing people left and right and that too in the most gruesome ways possible. At this point, there’s no telling who will be the next target of Vecna and who will not make it by the end of season 4.

Today we talk about the possibilities of the death that can occur in volume 2 of season 4:

Steve Harrington

This might sound hurtful to a lot of people since Steve has become everyone’s favorite however his chances of dying have increased a lot by the end of volume 1. He was hurt very badly in episode 7 by the bats and despite being rescued, his health is very bad. And the emotional moment with Eddie could be a big sign of his upcoming death.

Nancy Wheeler

Yes, another favorite is on this list because she has been cursed by Vecna and she is also the one who is exposed to the origin story of Vecna. Also, Steve is not able to wake her up from the spell. So at this moment, things are not looking good for Nancy.

Max Mayfield

Will Max also face the same fate as her brother Billy and sacrifice herself to save others. She has been guilt-ridden throughout the season and has been a constant target of Vecna. Even though she is saved currently because of the music, she is not safe until Vecna is completely eradicated.

Eddie Munson

Eddie was a new character in season 4 but he has already become a fan favorite. However, it seems that he might try to go up against Vecna by himself. Also his quote “I’m not a hero, I always run away” could be a sign of his possible self-sacrifice to redeem himself. He could be the key to saving Nancy.

Dmitri Antonov

Enzo was also a newly introduced character in season 4 and he was the one who tried to help Hopper escape. There are chances he might give up his life to help Hopper escape even if he will not be able to see his family again.


Well, we all know that Eleven is definitely going to go up against the big bad in every season and this season’s trailer showed the same. So Vecna’s death is the only thing that can help lift the curse on Max and Nancy. Or Vecna could survive and be the final villain of season 5.

So who do you think has the highest chances of dying in volume 2 of season 4? Let us know in the comments.



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