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Who Dies in Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1: All Deaths Explained

Season 4 is not messing around!

We have witnessed some pretty sad death in the first three seasons of Stranger Things. There were even some major characters in those deaths including Barb, Bob, and even the dearest Mews the Cat. And the finale of season 3 cost us the life of Billy who sacrificed himself in the end.

We were barely over the death of Billy and soon enough, Season 4 dropped and it also started dropping bodies crazy. This makes you believe that the show creators were not messing around with this season and that nobody is safe from Vecna, the big bad of season 4.

Part 1 containing the first seven episodes of season 4 dropped on 27 May and we have seen some pretty gruesome deaths so far. Today we talk about all the deaths that have occurred so far in the story of season 4:

Children in 1979 Hawkins Lab

This gruesome massacre occurred just 8 minutes into the fourth season. Dated back to 1979, a bone-chilling massacre occurs in Hawking Lab where we can see dead children with broken limbs and we see young Eleven standing covered in blood. The children that died were 005, 006, 007, and 010, and also the doctors.

The Creel Family

This massacre also occurred in the past. We see that the Creel family members became victims of a brutal murder back in the ‘50s and Victor Creel, the father was assumed to be the murderer however we soon find out that demons were involved but nobody believed Victor and he was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

The family members that die are Virginia, Alice, and Henry in episode 4 after Victor is caught in a trance and is unable to save anybody.

Chrissy the Cheerleader

The first real-time death that occurs in the fourth season is of Cheerleader Chrissy who also becomes the first victim of Vecna’s curse. Right in the beginning, she starts seeing visions of Vecna and the Creel house clock.

She is out on a night when she is caught in a trance where she gets cornered by Vecna who then grabs her head, breaks her bones, and explodes her eyes. Her body falls to the floor in front of Eddie.

Fred and Patrick

Fred and Patrick become the next victims of Vecna’s curse after Chrissy. Fred starts seeing visions about a car crash he was responsible for and the Creel House clock. He is soon tortured mentally by Vecna who kills him in the same way as Chrissy.

Patrick’s death was not shown in the episodes and he was only seen having the same symptoms as Fred and Chrissy. Soon after, Patrick’s body is seen rising from the water with broken bones and exploded eyes.

Agent Harmon

Agent Harmon was tasked with taking care of Mike, Jonathan, and Will and protecting them from any danger. And when things get rough, he chose to put their lives first and in a heroic attempt, he sustains serious wounds which end up killing him.

So far, no main character of the series has died in season 4 but by now we have already seen that nobody is safe from Vecna.



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