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Who can take the WWE out of this transition period? – Inside The Wheelhouse

Who will lead the WWE youth movement?As we discussed on last week’s edition of “The Still Real to Us Show” (available for download at wheelhouseradio.com and wrestlechat.net) the WWE is in one of the worst transition period of all-time. What we mean when we describe a transition period in wrestling, it’s a period of time where the WWE is coming off of a large generation of wrestling and now has lost it’s popularity in the general American public. While wrestling is still part of American Pop Culture, it isn’t going through the “boom” we have seen in other times in the history of wrestling (late-90s, mid to late 80s).

When have we seen transition periods in wrestling before? In the early 1980s before Hulkamania and Rock N’ Wrestling took over the television screen. Then there was also the mid-1990’s before the Attitude Era kicked wrestling into its greatest period ever in 1997. These two eras were the last transition periods in wrestling until most recently.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE is currently struggling in creating new stars to focus on television on a weekly basis. While the talent is there it appears that the creative team just can’t pull the trigger on the next big superstar of the WWE. Unless your John Cena or Randy Orton it doesn’t appear any wrestler is receiving a push in the WWE lately, even those who could argue The Miz as receiving a push know that he was just a background player (as the WWE Champion) at WrestleMania 27.

Look back at all the young talent the WWE pushed in 2010 and check out what they are doing now on WWE programming. Sheamus was a WWE Champion in 2010 and now he is secluded to wrestling opening & mid-card matches on Smackdown. The once promising “Celtic Warrior” is now on bad terms with the creative team for whatever reason and it doesn’t look like a push is in his future right now.

Then you have Wade Barrett, who in most cases was the WWE Rookie of the Year for 2010. He helped lead one of the best moments on a RAW in quite sometime and lead one of the most talked about angles in quite sometime. What is he doing now? He’s also on Smackdown leading a lesser version of the Nexus and currently wrestling in the mid-card while holding the Intercontinental Championship. This was a guy that at one point was penciled in (by creative) to be the WWE Champion…um, what the hell happened?

On lesser scales you have Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre. Two wrestlers that were poised to be future big time stars in the company, Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion (remember that?) who is now a lackey to an announcer. McIntyre was once dubbed “The Chosen One” by Vince McMahon on WWE Television and he’s headlining WWE Superstars against Chris Masters. Why is that?

Then you have fan favorites Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan, probably two of the best wrestlers on the roster right now and they can’t break out of the mid-card. At least Kingston had his chance in spotlight in the main event picture for like 2 months against Randy Orton until he was dropped back to the mid-cards. Bryan still hasn’t broken through the glass ceiling despite fans being so desperate for him too.

I just named six wrestlers who are young/new WWE talents that can’t catch a break anymore; I’ve left out Alberto Del Rio to make it seven because it’s just too early to tell soon if Cena will bury him on RAW if they got with the planned SummerSlam angle. It’s just a very frustrating time for a Wrestling fan because many of them want to see something new and refreshing; case in point…the outcry of support for Christian on the internet most recently.

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When the Internet Wrestling world caught wind of Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship at the SmackDown tapings days after Christian finally reached the top of the mountain, the fans, for the most part, went nuts. They lashed out at the WWE and the creative team for the booking of such an angle. The camels back was broken and the fans were fed up with Orton & Cena at the top of the WWE all the time.

The WWE was reportedly shocked by the backlash they received for the angle they booked because they believed Orton was popular was the fans. While you can’t mistaken that Orton is in popular with the fans, the fans just want to see something new. The WWE isn’t listening to their fans right now which is something they would do a lot when business was really good (case in point “the Attitude era).

Despite the popularity of certain wrestlers by the fans (The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, etc.), the creative team doesn’t give them the torch to run with it. So the WWE continues to be stagnant with very little development of their roster unless their last name is Orton or Cena. Wrestling and the WWE is in a bad state of affairs right now & we need the next “Stone Cold” to take us out of it sometime soon.

[adinserter block=”1″]At the end of the day though, there is only one person that can take the WWE out of this transition period. It’s not a wrestler who can do it; it’s not someone who writes the storylines, it all comes down to the boss himself, Vince McMahon. The boss needs to get the WWE out of this transition period or decide that it’s time for someone else (Triple H) to lead the WWE out of this current bad time period in wrestling.

If history tells us one thing, the WWE and the world of Wrestling is still two to three years away from possibly catching that “lighting in a bottle again.” It may come down to Vince McMahon finally walking away and retiring from the business for that to happen. Who knows, maybe it will actually be Triple H who leads the WWE to the next era of the big boom of wrestling, but this time in a suit rather then wrestling tights.

What do you think of my predictions for potential Randy Orton feuds on Smackdown? Tell us your thoughts on “The Still Real to Us Show” by e-mailing us over at thestillrealtousshow@gmail.com and give us your thoughts on whether you agree with more or not! Then go ahead and download the show this Thursday @ 8pm ET/5pm PT at www.wheelhouseradio.com or www.wrestlechat.net to find out if your pick made it to the air!

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