Whitesnake and Whitford St. St. Holmes Rock Riverbend Concert Review: Cincinnati, OH Concert Review

After a much needed break from writing, I am back with a new blog. Before I proceed, I want to express my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the victims of the tragic shooting in Orlando, FL at the Pulse Nightclub. It is a terrible thing that happened to our fellow Americans. We need to pull together, and love one another. We have to get over our differences, and unite as one country. We need to be people, who are willing to help each other, and fight hate and terror. How many of these attacks need to happen, before we learn that we have to live together, regardless of differences?

Now, that I’m off my soapbox, here’s my new blog. I went to the PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center, in Cincinnati, OH on June 14, 2016, and saw an incredible concert by the 80s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band, Whitesnake, with Whitford/St. Holmes, as an excellent opening act. Whitesnake’s legendary lead singer and front man, David Coverdale, was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in April of 2016, as a member of the classic band, Deep Purple. Whitesnake is currently on its “Greatest Hits” Tour. Whitford/St. Holmes features Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford and ex-Ted Nugent singer Derek St. Holmes, and they’re supporting their new CD, “Reunion.”

This show was awesome. If you want a great time, and if you want to hear great live music, you can NOT miss this tour. I will start my review with the opening act, Whitford/St.Holmes. They played songs that were apparently from their “Reunion.” CD, as Derek St.Holmes mentioned that they were playing songs from their new CD. Brad Whitford quipped that fans could buy the new CD and the old CD as a 2 for 1.
The band ended their 30 minute set with medleys of Aerosmith and Ted Nugent songs, including “Last Child,” and “Stranglehold.” This was my first time seeing this band, and they were awesome. Brad Whitford deserves more credit as a guitarist, than he’s given. He’s a fantastic player. Derek St.Holmes still has the vocal chops, and I highly recommend recommend that you see this act.

As most concertgoers know, during the changeover, rock music is played to entertain the crowd. Well, as soon as “My Generation,” by The Who started playing, and the lights dimmed, I knew it was about time for Whitesnake to come on stage. When Whitesnake opened with “Bad Boys,” they did not disappoint. I had waited a very long time to see David Coverdale and his band in concert, and I was so glad I did. His voice was strong all night. He sounded amazing.

Coverdale was very charming with the audience, and teased us about how hot it was. He was slapping hands with the folks in the front row. He teased a gal about her “rack.” During band introductions, he told the crowd that guitarist Reb Beach was from “Pittsburgh.” Boy, did that crowd boo. That was funny. When David introduced bassist Michael Devin, as being from Cincinnati, Devin got a huge cheer. It was amazing seeing a legendary singer in action.

The rest of the band was tremendous. Keyboardist Michele Luppi did a great job. Drummer Tommy Aldridge is so fantastic. He hits the drums like a twenty five year old man. He, guitarists Joel Hoekstra, and Reb Beach, and bassist Michael Devin all did excellent solos, while David Coverdale took periodic breaks, and changed clothes during the show. The set list for Whitesnake consisted of many of the band’s well-known hits, such as “The Deeper the Love,” “Slide It In,” “Is This Love?,” “Slow an’ Easy,” and many others. The main set list ended with the hit “Here I Go Again.” The encore was the stunning and powerful “Still of the Night.” The musicianship shown by the band during the set was outstanding, as they had to play songs previously played by previous Whitesnake members, such as Steve Vai, Adrian Vandenberg, Cozy Powell, etc. Anyway, before leaving the stage, David Coverdale bid the audience farewell with his famous phrase, “Be happy. Be safe, and don’t let anyone make you afraid.”

If you want to hear great live hard rock music, and want to see an amazing show, go see Whitesnake on their tour with Whitford/St.Holmes. I highly recommend seeing not only a great band, but a band lead by one of rock’s greatest rock singers, David Coverdale. This show rocks. For Whitesnake tour dates, go to http://www.whitesnake.com.

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