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Which WWE Diva would be the perfect female Authority member?

While watching Monday Night Raw a couple of nights ago and seeing Kane becoming the newest member of the Authority Stable, which in my entire fourteen years of watching WWE programming would I see the day Kane going out of that monster like attire that he always wore for a suit. There were a lot of laughs about this on twitter and me being a Kane fan, of course I had to get a good chuckle out of it, but while watching the show this past week and seeing Stephanie McMahon as the current female of the group, this had me wondering about something and that is, who could be the one, that is female, to be apart of this stable?

Now, I am sure a lot of you remember when Stephanie McMahon was apart of the McMahon Helmsley Era it was her along with Tori that were apart of the stable as many would believe that Tori would have been the one to hold the Women’s Championship over Stephanie, but Stephanie would be the one to hold the title with Triple H being the WWE Champion at that time back in 2000 so it did made sense to have them be the power couple of the group, but here is the list of Divas that could be in the Authority.

AJ Lee: She is the WWE Divas Champion right now as her and Stephanie had a couple of run ins before. I feel like AJ could be the Diva that could be feared in the back with being in this group, but because she is paired with Tamina, I can see this happening, but then I cannot see or not.

Kaitlyn: The girl needs something to do right now as she is just sitting on the sidelines right now and not really doing anything. It would fresh her gimmick up as it looks like she can play a heel here. Ever since she has lost the title to AJ and her summer feud ended, Kaitlyn really hasn’t done anything since. Plus with new dyed hair, I think it would suit her well to be in this group.

Eva Marie: OK, I know that Eva Marie is green and only had three matches so far on television, but with rumors of Stephanie McMahon possibly wrestling again, I would think that Eva Marie would fit the role of being a manager as well. Maybe playing the role as Stephanie and Triple H’s assistant with Stephanie yelling at her. We all saw that look Stephanie gave her on Total Divas where she lied about having that dancing background.

I see a lot on my twitter time line that everyone wants to see Paige debut on the roster and how they want her on the screens. I have a feeling if AJ’s character makes a face turn somewhere down the line, this could have Stephanie wanting someone to get the title off AJ. This storyline could have Paige be introduced and finally be on the roster. Paige, I can see being on the one out of all of the ones I have stated above to be in this stable, Paige could be the one to be apart of this stable.

So those are the divas that I want to see in this stable. I know the Authority storyline is picking up with Kane being apart of this stable now and with a diva, it could get really interesting.

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Meagan G

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