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Where Does the WWE Go with Bray Wyatt?

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At last Bray Wyatt was heading to the mountain top. His character was flourishing on Smackdown live and he was paired with no other than Randy Orton. In only a short span of time he won Tag Team titles and became a world heavyweight champion. His story with the Wyatt Family was a big hit and his character as a whole was getting better and better every week with matches and promos.

But all of a sudden ….he went to raw and everything went back to normal. Bray went back to disappearing and reappearing to have to lose rivalries to superstars. But now something interesting has happened. She is alive, Sister Abigail is alive and she is coming. Fans have been anticipating this for a very long time and it’s finally about to happen. We don’t have an exact date but we just know she is coming and that’s good enough for us. But where do we go with Bray after Sister Abigail debuts?

This right here is a make or break moment for Bray Wyatt’s character. If they do not get this right they may have to repackage him and we will no longer follow the buzzards. She needs to be to bray what the Urn was to Undertaker. This should only make him stronger and better. His character should thrive like it did on Smackdown. He may not get into the title picture for a while especially with Brock as champion and Vince hell bent on pushing no one but Roman Reigns but they can take this opportunity to make him a key focus on the mid card and even push him towards the intercontinental championship. But even with that I don’t think they should stop there.

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I say they move Bray back over to Smackdown. There they should do an all-out takeover of the show and reunite the Wyatt Family including the Monster among Men Braun Strowman. Sister Abigail should have that much control to even tame Braun and bring him back by Bray’s side. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan and set to come back to Smackdown as a tag team so that’s perfect, they can take over the tag team division, Strowman can take over the US Title and Bray can be world champion. Also if they do decide to make Sister Abigail wrestle then go ahead and take over the Women’s division as well. Bray will be the center piece to all this but with the help of Sister Abigail they should be able to accomplish so much to build his character up more and even the rest of the Wyatt family if they do decide to unite them.

The whole WWE Universe need to come in arms and pray that WWE does not drop the ball with this one because this is something that can be special and so memorable. I haven’t seen such anticipated debut like this one in a long time and they have to get this right because his character is at stack if they don’t. Fans will no longer take him seriously and maybe even turn on him and this story can kill Bray Wyatt off TV. I do expect to see her soon as Bray said on Monday that she is alive and dying to meet Finn Balor. No one knows who will be playing the character but is has been speculated that NXT superstar Sage will be playing her as she did make a very interesting tweet on Monday after Brays promo with Finn. Only time will tell how this will go but I hope it goes well as this is another piece of gold that WWE can either turn into something or waste it.

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