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Where Chris Jericho Should Be Placed – Downtown with Darsie

Chris JerichoWelcome everyone to Downtown with Darsie…….IS……..JERICHO! Along with my return back to Camel Clutch Blog [dot] com, I thought what would be fitting for my returning piece? After long debates, discussions, texts, facebook conversations, arm wrestling matches, and an headbutting match, the decision came to be this piece that you’re reading now, where I think, no, where I believe where Chris Jericho should be placed once he returns, again, to the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]As mentioned many of times before, I subscribed to the great Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez’s website, and they’ve discussed where Jericho should be placed once he makes his return back to the squared-circle. I have to agree with those two gentlemen on where Jericho should be placed. Where’s that? As much as I would hate it, but on Smackdown as a babyface.

Why Smackdown and why as a babyface? Let me tackle that question in parts. First, why should Jericho return on Smackdown? Randy Orton is there. Randy Orton’s the one who took “him out of action” in September after WWE Night of Champions PPV with the punt kick. He could take care of that feud when he returns. Especially if Orton is still the World Heavyweight Champion, Jericho could do something similar as his first return and main-event the first PPV back against Orton for a World title.

But Smackdown is where Edge was at before he was forced to retire. It would be fitting to place Jericho in where his former Tag Champion was at when he left. And Smackdown needs more heavy-hitters, and Jericho is the fix the Smackdown junkies need [side note: with the whole Smackdown shows being put up on YouTube, I would be able to catch Smackdown easier than Raw with only having internet at my apartment, another selfish reason why I would want to see him back on the blue brand].

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But why as a babyface? There’s a ton of heels on both shows. Christian is “showing” heel characteristics. Who else could help push Christian as a believable heel main-eventer than Chris Jericho? Randy Orton can’t help. Orton isn’t much of a believable face anyway (my opinion, bash me on Twitter @edardar) and when a big name comes back from being away for a while, they always get a pop, and why not keep that pop going with Chris Jericho? Let him advertise his great band Fozzy (follow them on Twitter @FOZZYROCK) and his newest book “Undisputed: 1,732 Easy Steps into Becoming the World Champ” (available at bookstores near you, or on

[adinserter block=”1″]Okay, okay, let me wrap this up into a nicer package and put a bow on it to send it off to my niece. I believe Chris Jericho could help Smackdown out for money, ratings, and star status. Smackdown needs Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho needs to be away from the selfish pig that is John Cena (again, bash me on Twitter @edardar). Chris Jericho deserves one last push before he’s gone from the business for good. Who knows when he’ll be done, but he doesn’t want a send-off like Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels. Give him one last deserving push on top.

Philosophical Corner: Chris Jericho is the star that Smackdown needs on Friday nights to help keep the show floating. Jericho on Smackdown would gain me as a viewer, even though that’s one viewer, I’m sure there’s others out there who’d love to watch Jericho again, no matter the show. On Raw Jericho would be pushed over by the Miz and John Cena, and would be overlooked in a matter of a few months if placed back on Raw. As stated, Jericho could help bring in better ratings on Smackdown if pushed correctly, and booked right. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, jamming to Bob Dylan, until next piece, keep it cool!

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